Common types of gym anxiety

16 Common Types of Gym Anxiety. What is Gym Anxiety

What is Gym Anxiety? And why do I get it? There are 16 common types of Gym anxiety people get. Gym Anxiety is actually a real thing and there are many different forms of it. As many of you know, I live with anxiety. I have written a few articles about different types of anxiety […]


13 AARP travel Questions Answered | Is It Worth It?

13 AARP Travel Questions Answered, Is this niche travel membership worth your time and money? AARP Travel is a US based travel company that focuses on clients that are 50+. Online they are stated as non-profit and non-partisan. We are here to answer many of the questions and to let you know if the AARP […]


17 Smart Ways to Save Money in Fiji | Travel Warnings

17 Smart Ways To Save Money When you Travel To Fiji, and the Travel Warnings You Need to Know Last year our travel family visited Fiji for a month. During this time we found that there are many ways to save money when you are travelling in Fiji. Here’s the background. My wifes parents are […]

Top Must see and do things In Jamaica 2018!

Top must do and see things in Jamaica for 2018 Travelling is one of the most fun and healthy activities and the adventure of travelling can never be replaced by any other venture. The world is full of fun and beauty and you just need to discover it. But to do so, you will have […]

travel tool

The best free travelling tool in the world!

Sign up to to get the latest free travelling tool to help you customize your itineraries with only the best must see and do tours in most locations! We only deal with the most reputable tour companies. If you want to be safe and have a great time travelling sign on today for FREE! […]

The secrets of travelling with children

This is an amazing photo we found online. Check out to find more beautiful rare locations! We deal in adventure, and will show you how we can make your traveling much easier! Check out our blog to learn the tricks you need to know to make it easier for you to travel with […]

Melbourne sign pic

Top 10 things to do in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia

   Top 10 things to do in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia Adventugo has compiled a list of things to do in Melbourne, Australia with children based on recent experiences on Oct 2017. These types of lists are often shared online, but will change as cities grow and more tourist features are added. For the greatest […]

13 Easy ways to Travel with Children from a Parent.

  Travelling with children can be a very frustrating process, over the years we have learned a few tricks I think parent should know about to make it a lot easier. Of course the most important thing is patience, and that you are well rested in order to properly be able to deal with everything […]

Things you can do for Free While on Vacation

Going on vacation can be very expensive, however we have found there are many ways to cut down on expenses and have a more fulfilling trip. Most of these items can be done for free! Fortunately in these situations you the traveller are in full control of how much you spend. We have travelled many […]

10 Things to do with Kids in Hawaii for cheap, Oahu, Honolulu

Travelling anywhere with kids can be very challenging, my family does it regularly and have found some ways to make the process easier. Below are some of the things you can do with children in Hawaii. Every island is different but many of these can be done on may different islands. In this top ten […]

Waikiki 7 Day Itinerary/things to do

Day 1: Waikiki beach Booze cruise, Surfing lessons, and chill day Day 2: Hike Diamond-head and Dinner at the polynesian cultural center LUAU Day 3: Snorkel Tour or Scuba Day 4: Dole factory train ride and North shore Beaches/ Snorkel Sharks Cove Day 5: Shopping in Waikiki and Dinner at a Waikiki Restaurant Day 6: […]

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