13 AARP travel Questions Answered | Is It Worth It?


13 AARP Travel Questions Answered, Is this niche travel membership worth your time and money?

AARP Travel is a US based travel company that focuses on clients that are 50+. Online they are stated as non-profit and non-partisan. We are here to answer many of the questions and to let you know if the AARP travel membership is worth it. AARP Travel has multiple associations with several companies to bring you discounts on travel, insurance, hotels, and more. After an overview of their site, we found that a large part of their business is from affiliate marketing. Many of the discounts on the site are affiliate discounts and are offered by the companies directly. For example they use Expedia as one of their travel options and have the Expedia widget on the home page of their website. In other words, if you book a flight on their Expedia home page, they will receive a small commission from Expedia. They are also associated with a hearing centre, long term care centre and a dental insurance company. We believe all of these are affiliates of AARP travel. AARP has many divisions and is a huge company. AARP travel is just one of them.

Here is a video we found about the AARP member benefits

Common Questions about AARP Travel

  1. What is AARP Travel?

    AARP is a travel company that uses 3rd parties to help get its member discounts on travel, tours and other travel related needs. Their main focus is to seniors 50 and above. They offer discount on travel insurance for seniors, car rentals, and hotels. 

  2. What does AARP Travel do?

    AARP creates large volumes of internet searchers through their travel related content and drives the traffic to their affiliates that they receive a commission for.

  3. What affiliates do they use?

    Some of the affiliates of AARP travel are Expedia, Avis car rentals, Travel insurance and more.

  4. What Country is AARP Travel from?

    AARP was founded in the US in 1958 by Dr. Ethel Percy. It has a membership of over 40 million people and is now located in many major cities.

  5. Does AARP have a travel Blog?

    AARP has a large travel blog with a lot of great information for travellers.

  6. Can I get a great deal on flights from AARP?

    AARP has membership discount on flights and use Expedia as an Affiliate. Although you will get no significant discount on AARP on expedia you will help to support this company by booking your flight through an affiliate commission.

  7. How much is an AARP Membership?

    The Membership averages around $12 per year.

  8. What Does AARP Stand for?

    American Association of retired persons.

  9. What is AARP Medicare Complete?

    AARP Medicare complete is a form of insurance that AARP sells.

  10. What Hotel gives a discount to AARP Members?

    Most major hotel groups gives a discount through AARP including Comfort inns, Hilton, Days Inn, Econolodge, quality inn, Wyndam, Travel lodge and many more.

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