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Do I need a Tablet or Ipad for when I Travel?

Buy a Tablet or Ipad for Travel A lot of airlines will now rent a tablet or Ipad as the only entertainment option when you fly. Gone are the days of airlines offering a single movie option on a shared screen. Now they offer their own wifi streaming service with huge lists of T.V shows […]

Wireless headphones

The Best Wireless Headphones and Ear Buds for Travel!

Wireless headphones and ear buds for travel with long battery life Wireless headphones are amazing for travelling! The entire process of going through airports, dealing with people with travellers anxiety and delays etc is super frustrating. This is why I look for anything that will make my life easier when I travel, dealing with tangled […]

Travel Ear plugs

Everything you need to know about travel ear plugs

Get yourself some Ear plugs! If you have never used travel ear plugs on a flight you are in for a treat! A lot of people complain that they can never sleep on flights and when I ask them about the details on why it baffles me that they don’t even try. I like to […]

Eye mask 2

How to Buy The Best Travel Eye Mask and Why You Need This!

Why you need to have a Travel Eye Mask/cover We absolutely love using travel eye mask also known as Eye covers. These things are an absolute life saver! When we are on the plane, or at the airport  we use this to help us get to sleep. All it does is ensures that no light […]

Memory Foam Neck pillow

Everything you need to know about memory Foam Neck Pillows for Travel

Buy a Memory Foam Neck Pillow For Travel There are a lot of different options out there for neck pillows, but nothing out there can compare to a memory foam neck pillow. In the past I used a variety of different neck pillows and by the end of the flight I always ended up with […]

Digital Luggae scale

How To Choose The Best Luggage Scale To Buy!

Buy yourself a Luggage Scale! Whether you are travelling for long periods or short periods it is essential you have a luggage scale. We have been in many different scenarios on our travels that this little tools has saved us expense in weight overage as well as a lot of hassle at the airport. The […]

Samsonite Lightweight Luggage

How To Choose The Best Travel Luggage Fit For You!

How to Choose the travel Luggage Fit for You! When we chose our travel luggage, we looked into many factors that all need consideration. Your luggage has to fit your lifestyle, and how long your piece of luggage lasts will be the answer on if you made the correct decision or not. We are going […]

The perfect travel backpack

How To Choose The Perfect Carry On Travel Backpack!

The Perfect Carry On Travel Backpack Having a high quality travel backpack is essential when you are traveling for short or long terms. It can help you be much more organized and help you to be more mobile in everything you do on your trips! The bag being high quality does not mean you have […]

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