How To Choose The Best Luggage Scale To Buy!

Digital Luggae scale

Buy yourself a Luggage Scale!

Whether you are travelling for long periods or short periods it is essential you have a luggage scale. We have been in many different scenarios on our travels that this little tools has saved us expense in weight overage as well as a lot of hassle at the airport. The airlines are pretty unforgiving and if you are lucky will sometimes allow you to be 1-2 lbs over. However if you get a prude at the counter when you get there, they have the choice of playing by the book and can charge you for excess weight. If you have a luggage scale this can all be avoided! Luggage scales are pretty simple, but this is what we look for when choosing a luggage scale.

1. Light weight so that it is not adding much excess weight to my bag.

2. Digital screen so there is no question of the exact weight.

3. A screen with a lighted background so that you can easily see the numbers.

4. An adjustable strap is great because with that you can fit it around any bag.

5. Automatic shutoff when not in use. Some luggage scales have no power button, this is great as it will not kill your battery when you need it most.

6. A single battery operated units are most convenient so that you are not fumbling around having to buy new batteries. I prefer the models that use AAA batteries because I usually carry an extra battery or two in my carry on. The battery life will be great either way.

7. Auto convert weight from lbs to kg. Different countries use different weight guidelines and metrics. I like a scale that can change from lbs to kg.

Luggage scales are definitely essential. It is a tool that most travellers do not have for some reason although everyone knows it is important. We took an all inclusive trip a few years back with around 50 family members and on the last day most of them were asking us to use our scale. Often in hot countries it can be very humid and that humidity will stay in your clothes and add extra weight without you even knowing it. So you may think you are at the same weight you left with, but you may be over! Buy one.

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