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How to Snorkel Like a Pro

How to Snorkel Like a Pro|Snorkelling Tips and Warnings

How To Snorkel and everything you need to know before you try  Snorkelling Snorkelling is one of my all time favourite activities whenever I go on vacation. The people I travel with laugh at me for waking up super early when I am away, just to go snorkelling. I can’t help it, I’m in love […]

Road Video Micro

Rode Video Micro Unbiased Review and Unboxing for Vloggers

The Best MIC for Cell phones, DSLR’s for Vlogging Today I super nerded out on you tube and many review sites to try to find out what external mic would be the best for me to use with my iphone 8 plus. You should note I spend hours researching before I buy any technology. I […]

Portable gaming device

The Best Portable Gaming Device For Travelling!

What Portable Gaming Device Should I Get For Travelling? I love having a portable gaming device with me when I am travelling, it’s a great way to kill time and keep yourself engaged. You can spend hours using these devices and never get bored. They range in price from as low as $22 all the […]


Do I need a Tablet or Ipad for when I Travel?

Buy a Tablet or Ipad for Travel A lot of airlines will now rent a tablet or Ipad as the only entertainment option when you fly. Gone are the days of airlines offering a single movie option on a shared screen. Now they offer their own wifi streaming service with huge lists of T.V shows […]

Wireless headphones

The Best Wireless Headphones and Ear Buds for Travel!

Wireless headphones and ear buds for travel with long battery life Wireless headphones are amazing for travelling! The entire process of going through airports, dealing with people with travellers anxiety and delays etc is super frustrating. This is why I look for anything that will make my life easier when I travel, dealing with tangled […]

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