Everything you need to know about travel ear plugs

Travel Ear plugs

Get yourself some Ear plugs!

If you have never used travel ear plugs on a flight you are in for a treat! A lot of people complain that they can never sleep on flights and when I ask them about the details on why it baffles me that they don’t even try. I like to be setup to succeed, I am a light sleeper so anything that can remove additional senses helps a lot and I now sleep on almost every site because I want to feel revived when I get to my destination. I do not want to hear the kids behind me crying or the conversation happening next to me. After flying a lot, being on the plane is not as exciting as it once was. Now I just want to get there, and a quick nap makes the time go a lot faster.

Here is what you need to know when buying travel ear plugs.

  1. Travel Ear plugs block the noise so that you can relax and focus on sleep.
  2. They relieve air pressure, making you much more comfortable when flying.
  3. It is very inexpensive to buy, so there is no reason not to get them.
  4. They can help prevent hearing loss by blocking out loud noises.
  5. Ear plugs are better for your ear than wearing your head phones, and less distracting
  6. Most have memory foam to conform and fill gaps in you ear cavity.
  7. One size fits all!


Many Neck pillows and eye masks come with a pair of travel ear plugs so you can get this as a package or buy them alone. I have done a lot of research on which are the best and they are all very similar so just get some. These are some options I found on Amazon.

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