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9 Caribbean Music Styles You Have to Hear

9 Unique Caribbean Music Styles You Have To Hear

9 Uniques Caribbean Music Styles You Have To Hear Caribbean music is more unique and diverse than any other music genre in the world. There is almost as many music styles as there are countries in the Caribbean. Caribbean people create this diversity partially because of their roots coming from Spain, Netherlands, Africa and India. […]

Caribbean Carnivals

17 Spectacular Caribbean Carnivals |Carnival Warnings & Questions

17 Of The Best Caribbean Carnivals and Festivals In The World And All Caribbean Carnival Questions Answered Caribbean carnivals are the single best way to experience Caribbean culture in a short period of time. In the Caribbean, there is an entire year of buildup and planning for one of these large scale events. Each country […]

11 Distinct Caribbean Languages and the Countries that speak them

11 Caribbean Languages | Organized By Country

11 Distinct Caribbean Languages And The Countries and People That Speak Them The Caribbean is made up of a huge mixture of people, cultures and languages. The reason for this, is that most of the Caribbean people were not originally from the Caribbean. The majority of the people were brought here as slaves and indentured […]

Never-Do-this-in-the -caribbean

17 Things You Should Never Do In The Caribbean | Travel Etiquette

The 17 Things You Should Never Do When You Travel To The Caribbean, and Caribbean Travel Etiquette Warnings The Caribbean is a grouping of countries and island south of the United States and North of South America. Each of these countries contains a diverse population of mixed cultures and races. Some of the cultures of […]

7 Tastiest Caribbean Foods

17 Tastiest Caribbean Foods | Warnings and Recommendations

17 Of The Tastiest Caribbean Foods and Desserts along with Warnings, Recommendations and Commonly Asked Questions Caribbean foods are very rich in flavour, as the countries in the Caribbean grow a huge plethora of strong spices and peppers. Most of these food originated in Africa, and India and have been transformed into perfect masterpieces with […]

Caribbean Islands Main

31 Caribbean Islands Ultimate Guide | And Travel Warnings

The total list of all of the Caribbean islands and the best things to do on each island. Caribbean island questions and travel warnings


75 Ultimate Fiji Islands Guide | Warnings, Locations, Resorts

75 Fiji Islands Ultimate Guide Broken Down by Location and Area The Fiji Islands are a touch of heaven on earth. There are 330 islands in total in Fiji, and each is uniques in its own way.There are 2 main islands in Fiji, Viti Levu where the 2 main cities are Suva and Nadi. And […]


19 Epic Beaches in Fiji | Fiji Beach Warnings

The Ultimate list of the Best Beaches in Fiji, By Location on the Island | Fiji Beach Warnings Fiji has some of the most pristine beaches in the world. Many of these beaches can be found on the mainland and others on the many islands surrounding mainland Fiji. We travelled to Fiji on the hunt […]


15 Best Toddler Travel Beds | Warnings And Solutions

The 15 Best Toddler Travel Beds and Everything You Need To Know Before Making A Decision. Including Travel Bed Warnings So you want to make sure your kids are comfortable and out of your bed when you go on your next trip. Thats the dream many of us parents have, and it can be a […]

7 Famous Ways How To Eat Roti | What Not to Do

7 Famous Ways how to Eat Roti And Everything You Need To Know | What Not To Do So what is Roti? Roti is a type of flatbread originating from India. It has travelled the world through Indian migration to Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji, the Caribbean, South Africa, the middle east and many more countries. During […]

17 Unreal Things To Do In Kuranda | Cairns Warnings

17 Amazing Things To Do In Kuranda, Queensland Australia and the details you need to Know Kuranda located in Queensland Australia is the ultimate day trip if you are visiting Cairns. With more experience activities than any part of Queensland you will be obsessed with this area. We travelled here this year and took in […]

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