13 Subtle Ways to Intimidate Your Sisters Boyfriend

13 Subtle Ways to Intimidate Your Sisters Boyfriend

You’re probably reading this and thinking, damn this guys is a frikking asshole. He has devised a plan on how to intimidate and scare his sisters boyfriend?

Well I’ll tell you there are may reasons why. My sister is 37 years old and I have met many of her boyfriend in the last 20 years of her dating life. I’ve realized that I am pretty damn sick of meeting these idiots. My sister has really shitty taste in men. They are not all bad guys, but they are all a little off for me. She was with the last one for a couple of years and he could not really ever explain to me what he did for a living. I know he wasn’t doing something illegal, but I know his job situation was weird.

Now I think I have been pretty damn nice over the years, especially for a person that is not all that nice all of the time. I have tried my very best to be friends with her boyfriends and make them feel comfortable. I have been on family trips with them and tried to get to know them better. My kids  have met 2 of them that I know of, and I am sick of it.

Now you know this is a travel blog, and the reason I am including this is because we are on a plane heading to Hawaii right now. We have 2 rooms each with 2 bedrooms. In one suite my mom and stepdad are staying and the other is my family of four and my friend Jason and his wife and infant. My mom paid for my sister flight so that she could stay in the extra room in her suite.

Why do sisters push their boyfriends on their families?

Thats the background of the situation, now for the result. After agreeing to come with us, my sister called back and told us she was bringing her new boyfriend that she has only been with for a month. It was a WTF moment for me, I don’t want to meet another boyfriend. Especially not during a family trip. It would make things so awkward to be forced to be in the vicinity of a stranger every day of my family trip. Fuck that……

I told her I was not comfortable with it and she chose to stay in a hotel. Am I an asshole for this? I don’t give a shit lol.

All I know is there is no more of me playing mr nice guy. Why should I have to act a certain way for her and her asshole boyfriend? Why the hell does he want to go on vacation with her and her family, when he hasn’t even met any of us yet. To me, it is another perfect example of my sisters boyfriends being weirdos.

What should I do when my sister pushes her boyfriends on her brother?

I have thought about this over and over and for me the only real solution  is to learn how to intimidate her boyfriends until they are either scared away or prove themselves worthy of her.

I intend on being polite but very stern and I am going to implement some of the tactics I have researched below. My sister was not nice to my wife when they first met, so why am I trying to be nice to her new flame? I’m not going to.

I’m fucking killing myself laughing as I write this, because I know we have all thought about this at one time or the other. I actually googled it and nothing really good came up. I am going to give you the goods, you can thank me later.

13 Subtle Ways to Intimidate your Sisters Boyfriend

1. Look him straight in the eye

I intend on staring this fucking asshole right in the eye, every time I see him. I am planning on staring into his soul and letting him know that I am looking at him directly. I always make eye contact when  I speak to people, but in this case it will be a very deep look. I want him to feel a bit uncomfortable around me. I want him to tell my sister about the look after I leave the room, and I want her to tell him…..”that’s just how he is!”

2. Don’t smile at him

If you intend on intimidating or even scaring your sister boyfriend, make sure you do not smile when you speak to him. You can smile at everything else, just not when speaking to him. It is scary as shit when someone is smiling at everything else but you.

3. Wear all black

Of course you know that people wearing all black can be intimidating. Most gangsters wear all black and people automatically associate these thing together. Now don’t dress like a bumb. Dress in clean fitted clothing, or this will not have a good effect.

4. Show your tattoos

You don’t have to flaunt the tattoos, just let them peak out a bit. Wear a dark suit jacket or dress shirt with a chest tattoo or forearm tattoo sticking out. If you have facial tattoos he will already know what sup. But most normal people don’t have those lol.

5. Shave your head

Make sure your hair is neatly cut or shaved. I have lots of grey hair on the sides so I shave that shit right off. If you are balding, just shave your damn head. A half balding head looks like shit anyways.

6. Puff your chest

If you want to intimidate or scare your sisters boyfriend then when you meet him puff your chest out in confidence. Confident people are intimidating to others and you will be extra intimidating to them from the get go.

7. Ignore him

Ok so this is your family vacation and this person is a stranger, try ignoring him. It will really piss your sister off if you do this, but you can explain very easily that you don’t know what to talk to them about. When you are in a room with them and other people, simply talk to the other people. If you have kids, hang out with the kids. The boyfriend will probably feel like an idiot and will most likely get up and walk away.

8. Yell at someone on the phone or subtly threaten them

You have to be really careful with this one. You don’t want to seem like a loudmouth or all talk. But you can let the hear you lightly threaten someone. It does not have to be a physical threat for this to be affective, it can be subtle like “you’ll see what will happen if X”. It can be a legal threat. Or just “they will see”. If you do this right the boyfriend will be scared to be around you. You could threaten them…..

9. Pay the Bill

If you want to intimidate the boyfriend make sure you always pay the bill. Paying the bill is a power move and will show them that you and your sister does not need shit from them. You can take care of things yourself.

10. Talk about things that are over their heads

When you talk about things that are beyond them, they will feel uncomfortable. Talk technology with someone at the table, or politics or stocks. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it alienates them.

11. Ask tough questions

Do you do drugs, What is your job, What are your intentions, have you ever been incarcerated? Have you ever killed an animal lol. Doing this will make them feel so fucked. Its like that feeling you get at the airport, when the immigration guy is questioning you. You know you have not done anything wrong, but you still feel guilty.

12. Be direct

When you want something done, ask for it. If he wants to be around and you are cooking food, tell him to take in the dishes or do the garbage, you will automatically be asserting your dominance by doing this.

13. Put Your Hand on his shoulder or around the back of his neck and whisper.

Be careful doing this, it is a power move. But it can come off too aggressive.

Common Question About dealing with your sisters boyfriends

Should I scare the shit out of my sisters boyfriend?

No you should not scare your sisters boyfriend unless you know for sure he is a bad guy. The fact is that your sister likes this person, and scaring them may backfire on you by pushing them closer together. You can assert dominance over the boyfriend so that he knows you are not a person to mess with.

Why does my sisters boyfriend want to come on our family vacation?

Your sisters boyfriend wants to go on your family vacation because he thinks that this is a way to become closer to her. He may intend on solidifying his relationship with her by trying this method. He may also be clingy and jealous, this may come out in the form of not letting her be without him for a long period of time. Many men and women unknowingly do this when they are controlling.

Should I hit my sisters boyfriend?

No you should not hit your sisters boyfriend, unless he gives you a good reason to hit him. A good reason may be hitting you or hitting her. He may also verbally abuse her which is also a reason I might hit my sisters boyfriend.

Should I make my sisters boyfriend pay the bill?

No, you should always pay the bill if you are intending on being the dominant male. Some people think it is using them or taking advantage of the boyfriend by letting them pay the bill. These people are foolish and wrong. If you let them pay the bill, you are giving up power for money. This is a chump play and should be avoided at all costs.

Should I be nice to my sisters boyfriend?

There is a difference between nice and courteous. Yes you should be courteous, no you do not have to be nice. If you are too nice to your sister boyfriend, he may take this as weakness. Men are interesting creatures and can take people being really nice as weakness.

Why should I intimidate or scare my sisters boyfriends?

You should be doing this so that he respects and fears you. The intention is for them to think about you before they do any harm either verbally or physically to your sister. I have seen many forms of abuse in my life and I want to be someone that can help her avoid these kinds of pains. Although I know it is not all in my control, I can do these small things to make a difference.



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