Everything you need to know about memory Foam Neck Pillows for Travel

Memory Foam Neck pillow

Buy a Memory Foam Neck Pillow For Travel

There are a lot of different options out there for neck pillows, but nothing out there can compare to a memory foam neck pillow. In the past I used a variety of different neck pillows and by the end of the flight I always ended up with rubber neck from my head flopping over while I was asleep.

I always looked at the memory foam neck pillows at the airport stores, but once I looked at the price I always steered away. Most airports are selling these things for up to $40 each. I thought that was expensive for what I was buying, but was I ever wrong.

One trip I went on I forgot my neck pillow at home and it was a red eye long haul. I went to the airport store and finally bought one of these babies and it was one of the best investments into my comfort I have ever made. Now when I travel I sleep totally comfortably without my neck flopping over! I wake up in the new destination rejuvenated rather than jet lagged.

Choosing the right neck pillow is a significant decision and should be taken seriously if you are planning on travelling often. These are all of the things you need to look for when purchasing the best travelling neck pillow.


1. Material. The best material I have used is micro fibre. It is soft and will not chaff your face or neck when you are sleeping. It can also be cleaned, so don’t worry about the drool!

2. Memory foam. I can beat this to death but memory foam shapes and contours around your face, neck and shoulders. Yet it is still firm enough to hold up your head well. I would never buy anything but this for travelling.

3. Removable material. If you can remove the micro fibre outline it is easier to clean. These things get dirty, Either with your sweat and skin or from falling on the ground in the airplane it is important that they are cleaned regularly.

4. Straps or ties that secure at the ends. This makes the pillow tighter around you neck so that your head can’t fall over. Make sure when you buy yours it has this feature.

5. A pocket for a night mask is super convenient if you want to sleep really well.

6. Head phone compartments are great if you are listening to music while you have the neck pillow on.

7. Shape is important. You do not want something that is squared up because that does not conform to how a human body is shaped. Make sure the shape is a little short than your neck so that it does not cause any strain. Also make sure it is not too short or you will get that rubber neck.

8. Ear Plugs. Some travel neck pillows will even come with ear plugs so that you don’t have to listen to the kids behind you screaming!


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