15 Things You Should Never Do When You Meet Your Girlfriends Brother

15 Things You Should Never Do When You Meet Your Girlfriends Brother

Right now I am flying into Oahu Hawaii with my family, and greeting us there will be my sister and her new boyfriend that I have never met. It has got me really thinking about the thing you should never do in front of your girlfriend brother.

My family has an indian background, actually west indian (caribbean) and we live in Canada. I see people in these scenarios every day and I have come to realize that every culture does this differently. What you can do and what you should not do in front of your girlfriends family.

As a brother, there are some things you just don’t want to see, and can make you very uncomfortable. For me it is a very fine line, because when I get uncomfortable, it does not take me long to get angry. I feel like a lot of this stuff is just common sense, but some people lack this and others may not realize they are even doing something wrong.

So here it is….

The 15 Things You Should Never Do In Front Of Your Girlfriends Brother

1. PDA

Public displays of affection, like kissing in public, sitting on laps and sensual touching are not appropriate to do in front of your girlfriend brother. If I see someone doing this with my sister, I would immediately be uncomfortable. And unfortunately for them I would react to it in at the least a snark froward comment about it. This would instantly make me hate you. I don’t care if you are holding her hand when you are walking, but purposeful sexual affection in from of me would piss me right off.

2. Act tough

If my sisters boyfriend acts tough in front of me, I will assume automatically that he wants to be a tough guy and needs to prove it. He is going to abuse my sister physically at some point.

3. Drink too much

If you get drunk in front of me, I am going to assume you have no respect for me or my family. I will also assume that you are an abusive alcoholic. Save that shit for when you are at least a couple of years into the relationship. Your goal at the beginning should be to earn the respect and trust of your girlfriends family. Don’t fuck it up by getting trashed in front of them.

4. Profess your love

I just don’t want to hear it. If you love my sister then great, keep it between you two. I don’t want to hear about it until you are coming to me with a blessing request for your wedding. It makes me fell uncomfortable.

5. Do Drugs

That is even dumber than getting drunk in front of me. I will assume that you are a crackhead and that you want my sister to be a crackwhore. I will kick the shit out of you if you do drugs around my family.

6. Hit on other women

This should not need an explanation, but I have seen people do this. Do not hit on another women if you want to have a good relationship with your girlfriends brother, it is a fail.

7. Talk about your exes

Talking about your exes in any context in front of your girlfriends brother does not make any sense. Keep it to yourself.

8. Act cool

Acting cool is as dumb as acting tough. If you are meeting your girlfriends brother be humble and respectful. You want to make a good impression.

9. Smoke

I know a lot of people smoke, and even more smoke when they drink. I do. But don’t light up in front of your girlfriends brother until you are both really comfortable with each other. I am almost 40 and have been with my wife for 14 years and I still do not smoke in front of her parents.

10. Be abnoxious

I hate obnoxious people, and so does everyone else. If you are meeting any member of your girlfriends family, don’t be abnoxious. I know it is easy to say this, because most people that are obnoxious have no idea that they are. Hopefully someone has let you know that you are so that you can avoid a lifetime of awkward situations.

11. Talk too much

People like to be heard and not spoken to. If you talk too much, you will probably be avoided. That is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve here.

12. Talk Religion

Talking religion can lead to some really uncomfortable moments. If you have different views than your girlfriends brother, you might have a problem. Some people are extremely religious and will take major offence to a lot of things. You are just better to avoid the convo all together. I know that in some cases, religion can help people come together, so be general and be ready for war if you do bring up this touchy subject when you first meet your girlfriend brother.

13. Be a Joker

If you act too much like a joker, you will never be respected. It is a terrible first impression. You are trying to create trust and respect, not some funny man shit.

14. Be an asshole

I hope I don’t have to tell you not to be an asshole when you are meeting your boyfriend brother. But if I do, you are hopeless. By nice, courteous and respectful and you will be as good as you can be.



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