How To Choose The Perfect Carry On Travel Backpack!

The perfect travel backpack

The Perfect Carry On

Travel Backpack

Having a high quality travel backpack is essential when you are traveling for short or long terms. It can help you be much more organized and help you to be more mobile in everything you do on your trips!

The bag being high quality does not mean you have to break the bank! There are many very high quality bags for sale on Amazon and other sites that are inexpensive and are amazing. Before we decided on a bag to take on our last long vacation, we did a ton of research by reading a lot of reviews and even ordered a few options to test out before we left on our trip.

That being said when we go on vacation we are travelling with 2 kids, video equipment and more for long periods of time so the bag has to stand up to rough treatment! We pack the bags full and drag it around with us to the beach, on hikes, through airports, fishing, through rain and even worse believe it or not. Our kids are in and out of the bags so the zippers have to be able to stand up to the beating and not get caught often. The bag we ended up getting did not have an issue at all and stood up to a month and a half trip through Fiji and Australia! 

So what do you look for when you are trying to buy the perfect travel bag?

  1. First and foremost we checked to see what bag we can take as a carry on. Be very careful as some airlines are not forgiving and these numbers can change over time. But the current sizes allowable on most airlines are below.

Length 9inch x Width 15.5 inch x Height 21.5 Inch

The bag we purchased was a 45L size

2. Various pockets for high level organization. We purchased a bag with several section/pockets, one we used for power cords, chargers, headphones and other small electronics. The next section we used for easy access diapers and wipes for a quick clean while on the go! Our computers/ipads etc went in a computer pocket in the main compartment. I.D, passports and wallets went in the interior pocket for protection and easy access. The bottom of the bag opened for quick access to a change of clothes for the children. Other pockets were used for snacks and more. 

3. Exterior backpack straps to tie on your neck pillows and blankets.

4. Mesh on the side to hold your water bottles.

5. A waist strap to help move the weight-load evenly so that your shoulders don’t die from holding the bag so long.

6. Padded shoulder straps again for comfort.

7. A small pocket for your cell phone with a small exit for your headphones to come out of.

8. Many backpacks will come with a waterproof/resistant cover so that if you get caught in a storm all of your goods will be protected.

9. A bag that can hold Carabiner hooks. To hold random things, I used this to carry my go pro so that I could have it easily accessible.

The more organized you are the easier it will be for you in this sometimes high anxiety situation. Especially if you are travelling with children!

We travel very often and purchasing this type of bag has made our lives so much easier. When we go to the beach we fill them up with towels, clothes, food, snorkel gear, fishing gear and everything in between. I am and adventurer and take this thing hiking through the jungle, and through mud and rain.

Don’t just take my word for it. Do your research before you buy so that the bag is the right fit for you. 

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