How to Buy The Best Travel Eye Mask and Why You Need This!

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Why you need to have a Travel Eye Mask/cover

We absolutely love using travel eye mask also known as Eye covers. These things are an absolute life saver! When we are on the plane, or at the airport  we use this to help us get to sleep. All it does is ensures that no light is reaching your eye, simulating night time.

The airports have those bright fluorescent lights that shine right through you eye lids and this is the light we want to keep out as it is brutal for trying to get to sleep. You are already having to deal with crying kids and arguing couples this guide will help you make you decision when buying a travel eye mask.

Here are the thinks to look for,

  1. Easily foldable, I like masks that fold up very small so that they fit into tiny spots in my carry on, purse or man bag! Not a lot of things fit into these spots so this will help you never to lose it and always have it on hand. Mine fits into my neck pillow!
  2. The material should be something super soft as it is going on one of the most delicate areas of you body. Try a silk sleep mask or micro fibre, I personally prefer the silk. Make sure it is a dark colour to block out the light.
  3. An elastic strap that will not catch and tangle your hair, make sure the strap is adjustable as these are usually one size fits all.
  4. Large eye cavities are important so that there is no pressure on the eyes.
  5. A nose ridge so that it feels natural on your face.
  6. Memory foam is becoming very popular with eye masks as it shapes to you face design and are super comfortable.
  7. Ear plugs, some of the eye masks they sell on amazon come with ear plugs and carry cases.
Travel Eye Mask

Travel Eye Mask


Having this will help you feel more rested while you travel. A day of jet lag costs you money and experience and we want to help you prevent this. Get one of these things asap, when I travel with my kids I need to be able to fall asleep as soon as my children allow me to (when they fall asleep) and this helps big time!

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