How to Choose the Best Type Of Jacket For Travel.

Hoodie Travel

Why the hoodie is the most comfortable jacket when you travel!

These are the reasons why we recommend the hoodie for travel, we have tested many options and have found that this type of jacket is the most comfortable and logical. They are not as cumbersome as a jacket, as you get the stretch out of a hoodie that helps with comfort. Comfort on the plane with clothing has to do with several factors including material, stretch and heat management.


I have boarded flights in Hawaii that the temperature on board the plane was very cold, not what you expect boarding from a hot country. I have also boarded flights in Canada where they crank the heat onboard to an uncomfortable overheat. Your clothing will help you regulate if you do it right. Try going with a polyester or cotton material so that you get a the warmth you need as well as the stretch. I choose to use sporty Puma or Nike hoodies as I have found they are thin enough for comfort and warm enough.

I also use the hood sometimes to keep light out of my eyes during bright flights. When you fly a lot you will find that sleeping through flights help you feel like you are getting to your destination faster. During the day it can be bright onboard I use the hoodie and sometimes a hat to block out the light.If you are too hot, it is easy to remove a layer and regulate your temperature. The hoodie is small enough to fit into small bags, so will not be too cumbersome.

Is the hoodie good during your trip?

During your trip you will find the hoodie is your best friend. It is the emergency raincoat when you need it to be, as you can throw on your hood short term and stay dry. The storage space for all of your items as they usually have large pockets, and can be wrapped around you waist for ultimate portability!

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