15 Best Toddler Travel Beds | Warnings And Solutions


The 15 Best Toddler Travel Beds and Everything You Need To Know Before Making A Decision. Including Travel Bed Warnings

So you want to make sure your kids are comfortable and out of your bed when you go on your next trip. Thats the dream many of us parents have, and it can be a reality. Unfortunately most hotels do not have a great free option for children ages 3 and up other than another bed. Most hotels charge high fees for cots, so for you to sleep comfortably you have to get a room with 2 beds. The other option is to buy one of the toddler travel beds and enjoy convenience. There are so many of them out there and we will help you decide which option is the best for your family.

The 15 Best Toddler Travel Beds for 2019 reviews

  1. The Shrunks Tukaire Portable Toddler Travel Bed

    The Shrunks Tuckaire Toddler Travel Bed Designed to offer comfort and safety, Shrunks Tuckaire Toddler Travel Bed makes for a safe night’s sleep for kids. The portable bed allows standard crib size sheets and blankets to be tucked neatly into the inner mattress, keeping the sheets off the floor. It’s lightweight, folds easily and inflates in just about 5 minutes. Find Me the Best Price On This↓



  2. Regalo My Cot portable travel bed

    My Cot child size portable sleeping cot is super for sleepovers, camping and daycare. The durable all steel constructed frame has a reinforced canvas bed liner and washable matching sheet. This is the perfect cot for sleepovers, outings, traveling, camping, day care or lounging around the house. It is incredibly quick and easy to set up and fold down. Find me the best price on this↓



  3. Hiccapop Inflatable toddler bed

    This model is great with side bumpers, high quality rubber design, lightweight structure and fast pump up in 30 seconds or less. They also boast that it is puncture proof. Find me the best price on this↓



  4. Milliard portable toddler bumper bed

    It has memory foam material and side bumpers, however we find this a little small. Find me the best price on this↓



  5. Reste Kids & baby travel beds

    Provide your little one with a comfortable and secure place to sleep for on the go napping and diaper changes.  The lightweight and compact fold-and-go design is easy to assemble and fold back up. The drawstring carry bag makes for stress-free travel and storage.  The padded mattress pad is detachable and machine washable.  Mesh side panels and extra pockets provide ample storage space for the mattress and baby’s essentials. Find me the best price on this↓



  6. Intex Cozy Kids Inflatable air bed

    The cozy waterproof-flocked sleeping surface improves comfort and prevents sheets from slipping while the wave beam construction creates a uniform sleeping surface that will give you a good night’s rest wherever you are. Find me the best price on this↓



  7. Yahill Ultralight folding camping cot

    Portable and lightweight. Foldable. I’d say this model would be better for camping. Find me the best price on this↓



  8. Dryzle inflatable lightweight sleeping pad

    This is super lightweight and compact. It fits in a small bag. This would not be comfortable for longer than a night. I think it is more for camping. Find me the best price on this↓



  9. Active Era Air Mattress for kids

    This premium kids air bed from Active Era features a 4-inch high bumper to ensure children stay safely inside the airbed throughout the night and do not roll off. It is made from an ultra-high quality, hard-wearing and puncture resistant material that offers maximum support and increased comfort for childre. Find me the best price on this↓



  10. My first ready bed

    Too small for toddlers, they say this is good up to 3 yrs old. Inflatable and comfortable, great for younger kids. Find me the best price on this↓



  11. Leachco Bumpzzz

    Generously sized, yet lightweight and folds into included bag for the perfect fold and go travel bed with nothing to inflate so it’s always ready and no extra equipment is ever needed. Find me the best price on this↓



  12. Kid-o-bunk sleeping mat

    This is a versatile option for 2 kids. It converts into 2 beds, bunk beds or a single chair with back rest! It is not cushiony, so it would not be ideal for long hotel stay. Great for camping. Find me the best price on this↓



  13. Kidco Peapod travel bed

    Lightweight 3.5lbs, mesh siding for airflow. Covered design and a padded bottom. This toddler travel bed is better for the beach. Not for long hotel stays. Find me the best price on this↓



  14. Leachco nap and pack

    This is a great size for an infant, not so much a toddler. Not great for hotel stays. Find me the best price on this↓



  15. Jetkids Bed Box

    This is for the airplane only. Find me the best price on this↓



Common Questions About Toddler Travel Beds

  • What age range uses a toddler travel bed?

    Toddler travel bed can usually fit kids from 2 years old to 6 years old. This is not really an age thing, more of a size thing. However you have to be really careful with children under 2 using a device like this with bumper pads. As it can be a breathing hazard.

  • Are there toddler travels beds for the airplane?

    There are travel beds for the airplane that allows children to spread out in their own seats. These would be great as long as the model you are getting allows for their seatbelts to be on at the same time. I travel all over the world with my kids and my lap and a small travel pillow have been their best bed on the plane. That way I can also have a hand on them, in the case of turbulence.

  • Are Toddler travel beds safe?

    Yes they are are mostly safe as long as you follow the directions and you read through the warnings section I placed at the bottom of this article.

  • Are camping beds the same as kids travel beds?

    Not exactly, many camping beds are full size. Toddler travel beds are made for their size and also made for travel with lightweight material.

  • Where do toddlers usually sleep when travelling?

    Most toddlers either sleep in a portable toddler bed, a cot or in between their parents. In my opinion toddlers should either sleep in a cot or in the own portable bed. If you travel often or not, it is better to have them sleep in their own space. Find me the best price on this↓



  • What do babies sleep in when travelling?

    Most hotels will provide a crib for babies to sleep in free of charge. I wish they would do the same for toddlers, but they don’t. When we travel with our baby we always bring our own crib sheets so that they are not sleeping on hotel sheets.

  • What is a toddler travel bed?

    A toddler travel bed is any portable bed that you take with you when you travel. Wether it is a flight and hotel stay or and air b&b, it is a bed you own that you can take with you for the comfort of your child.

  • What is the difference between a toddler travel bed and a travel crib?

    A travel crib is a fold up unit like a play pen. Travel cribs are for infants ages 0-3. Toddler travel beds are for toddlers depending on size between the age of 3-6.

  • Are toddler travel beds easy to assemble?

    If it is hard to assemble, return it. This is a product that is supposed to make your life easy. The Ones that are recommended above are easy to set up. I’m sure there is a lot of cheap junky stuff you can buy, Its for your kids. The better quality you get, the better quality sleep your kids will let you have

7 Types Of Toddler Travel Beds

  1. Inflatable toddler travel bed

    You can usually either blow these up manually or by pump. Some of them even come with an electric pump. This is the lightest type of toddler travel bed. Find me the best price on this↓



  2. Folding toddler travel bed

    The fold up model fold flat and can usually be taken on carry on flights. Check the legal size with the airline before you attempt this. Although these are very comfortable they are more difficult to travel with.

  3. Toddler Cot

    These have a frame that folds up and a thin mattress that goes on top.

  4. Toddler camping beds

    Camping beds fully fold up in a horizontal fashion, kind of like the way a folding chair folds up. They usually come with a case and are lightweight and portable. Find me the best price on this↓



  5. Pop Up Toddler travel beds

    Pop up beds come with a case and are usually like small tents with a roof. These are the best for beach like settings, kids hanging out or taking naps at the beach. They are great for short naps, but not really for a great nights sleep.

  6. Airplane Bed for kids

    These are the kits that turn an airplane seat into a kids bed. These are great for long haul flights. The beds are usually very small and you have to make sure the kids can still have their buckles on securely while using one of these.

Where Can I Buy a Toddler Travel Bed?

You can buy Toddler travel beds in brick and mortar stores like wal-mart, The Bay, Sears, Target and child specialty stores. The cheaper option is to search the bed you have chosen on Amazon and see if they have it there. Most of the time it will be cheaper. While we researched the toddler travel beds we also found that doing a google search for the toddler travel beds, or kids travel beds brought up more results. 

Do I need a Toddler Travel Bed?

Your toddler is going to need to sleep somewhere! You don’t absolutely need one, depending on where you are travelling many hotels will provide a side cot for your child. Unfortunately they often charge up to $50 per night for the cot rental, so it is good to have one. We used to haul a childs playpen around with us in a bag everywhere we went for when our children were younger. The airlines do not charge extra for kids beds or playpens to be checked in. It is considered a child item, so you might as well take it. 

If you are tight on space and need to pack light, then one of the inflatables may be the right fit for you. Or you could just pile a bunch of quilts on the floor and make it work. Unfortunately every time I ever tried this the kids ended up in our bed, giving us a crappy sleep. If they are comfortable you will also be comfortable, that’s just how this travelling with kids thing goes!

The Best Portable toddler Travel Bed

The best portable toddler travel bed is definitely between the shrunks tuqauire the intex or the hiccapop. I like the fact that they are inflatable as these will provide much more comfort than the foldable models. If your kids are not comfortable they will not sleep.

The Best Inflatable Toddler travel Bed

In my opinion the shrunks tuquaire and the hiccapop are the best inflatable toddler beds. They are made with high quality material and will not make a lot of noise when you are moving around. It is also a great size for toddlers and is compact and lightweight. 

The Intex cosy is also very similar and provides the same features as above. The intex model has higher walls. Find me the best price on this↓



The Best Foldable Toddler travel Bed

The Regalo my cot is the best single person foldable toddler travel bed. Lightweight, simple setup and comfortable.

The second option that is amazing is the kid-o-bump sleeping cots. This thing can transform and is easy to set up. No tools required. Great for 2 kids and it converts into a chair with a back!

Safety and Warnings about Toddler Travel Beds

Some of the things you have to be careful with when buying each type of travel bed

  1. Foldable travel beds. You have to watch out for 2 things. Check the weight restrictions of the box before you buy one of these units. If your child is over the weight of the travel bed you are looking at, do not buy it. The material could tear and they could end up getting hurt. The second thing to watch for is if the foldouts are lockable or not. If they are not and the kids move around a lot, they could end up on the floor. Further to this if they are not lockable and kids play around with the latch they could pinch themselves.
  2. Inflatable travel beds. Check the weight restrictions as a rule of thumb. Also check where you inflate and deflate the bed. I prefer screw on mechanisms as I find they hold the air in better. Also be careful not to overfill as they can pop or tear if you overfill.

Are Toddler Travel Beds Comfortable?

Depending on the type of travel bed you buy, they can be very comfortable. Your best bet is to buy something that you think you could sleep on. The cot type can be comfortable as they are off the ground. However the edges of this can poke them if they toss around. The plastic blow up type can be very comfortable, but it makes a lot of noise when you move around. This could keep everyone in the room up. My personal preference would be a fusion product like the tuckair. It is a blowup type with a material on it that makes less noise. It has the bump pads on the side that will prevent them from falling out, and it keeps them cozy!

Should I buy a toddler travel bed or bring a travel crib?

As your kids get bigger, comfort plays more and more of a role in their sleeping. At some point in the near future they will outgrow the play pen or they will hate the confinement of it. At this point the toddler will need to either get moved onto your bed when you travel, or you can order a cot. Some kids are too wiggly to sleep with when you travel, having the toddler travel bed will make your life a lot easier. Children also associate their space with bedtime, and your space as play time. My kids are like this, sleeping in my bed is a fun social thing to do. So they end up staying up longer than they should and often wake up earlier than I would like. We love to cuddle wit them in the morning, just not at 5am lol. Find me the best price on this↓




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