7 Famous Ways How To Eat Roti | What Not to Do

7 Famous Ways how to Eat Roti And Everything You Need To Know | What Not To Do

So what is Roti? Roti is a type of flatbread originating from India. It has travelled the world through Indian migration to Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji, the Caribbean, South Africa, the middle east and many more countries. During its move cultures have changed the way they make it and serve it. Now there are many different forms of roti all over the world. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about roti and the things to be careful for when eating it. Our family eats roti on the regular so I hope you will love it! Shoot us a comment if there is anything you can add to this.

7 Tips On How to Eat Roti

  1. Tear off mid Sized pieces using your hands

    Depending on preference, the most common method is to tear off a 2 square inch piece of the roti and pinch your food with it. One common practice is to pinch the meet or potato and then dip it and the roti in the sauce at the bottom of the plate. Indian countries call this the surwa.

    roti canai, george town, penang, malaysia

    roti canai, George town, Penang, Malaysia

  2. Knife and fork

    You can eat roti with a knife and fork if you really don’t want your hands to get dirty. Normally in this situation there will be meat or vegetarian filling like potato or chick pea curry on the inside.

  3. Stuff or Wrap and pick up

    Some types of roti’s will be thick enough that you can stuff the inside. The more common type will allow you to wrap your filling in the roti. This is a common practice in countries where they make large sized roti’s such as in Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean. People eat it like a sandwich and it can be filled with curries or potato.

  4. Pita Style Eating

    Smaller, harder type roti’s allow the flexibility and the stability to eat the roti like a pita. This is usually a thicker type of roti like bake.



  5. Drop small Pieces into Dahl or Surwa

    If you are eating dahl or any type of surwa and you want to soak in the flavours, you can tear off pieces of the roti and drop them into the dish to soak up the sauce. Once you have it in there for around a minute, eat it and you will experience the full flavour of the dish!n The first time I saw someone do this, I thought it was weird. Then I tried it, and loved it!

  6. Butter and salt  pan fry

    When you visit a country that serves roti, ask them to try it with butter and salt. This is very commonly fed to children at breakfast. It is sooo tasty. It does not need to be a lot of butter or salt, it just needs enough to stick to the roti

  7. Sugar and butter

    As you can see roti can be prepared a lot of ways. It can be a dessert if you simply add some sugar and butter to it. The butter serves mostly for the sugar to stick to the roti, however it gives it a great texture.

Common Roti Questions

  • What types of food do you eat Roti With?

    You can eat roti with almost any type of food. The most common is is any type of curry including meats and vegetarian dish’s. People love chicken curry, lamb curry, and fish curries. Vegans love chick pea, yogurts, squash, and baigun. Other types of curries I have had with roti include crab curry, shrimp curry, duck curry, and ox tail. 



  • Roti Vs Rice, What is Better?

    This is a matter of preference and depends on many factors. Both of these are considered fillers and are staples in many countries. I believe roti was originally introduced because the people in India eat with their hands and this made it easy to scoop up the food. Both of these staples also taste very different. I prefer roti with soupy dishes.

    Roti Vs Rice

    Roti Vs Rice

  • Is Roti Healthy?

    Roti can be as healthy as any bread. It all depends what you put in it and how you make it. I know people who use strictly brown flour and very little oil. This can be very healthy. Other people cook Paratha with white flour and this is not healthy. Paratha is literally called oil roti.



  • How many Roti’s should I eat?

    Roti is a filler and does not have a lot of nutritional value, just like rice. It also depends on the size of roti. In my opinion in a single sitting you should only eat one roti if you are eating Caribbean large style roti. If you are eating Fijian or Indian roti you can eat up to four. 

  • Does eating Roti Increase weight?

    Yes if you eat a lot of roti you will put on weight. Roti is a type of bread and when it gets into your body it is broken down and turns into sugar. Sugar converts into fat. 



  • Is Roti Easy to make?

    Roti is pretty easy to make, many household around the world make it on a daily basis. I have included a recipe for you at the end of the article

  • Can kids eat roti?

    Yes kids can eat roti and they love it. If you are traveling and get a chance to feed your child roti, do it. It is safe and they can’t get sick from it!



  • How to Freeze Roti

    There is a method to this. Roti does take a while to make and some people like to make a bunch of them and freeze for later. When you freeze roti, you can roll it in wax paper and place it in a plastic bag. This prevents the moisture from escaping and also prevents it from sticking.



  • How to store Roti

    You can store roti in plastic bags, in paper towel or in wax paper. There are also roti theplas which are roti sized cover pots made specifically for this purpose. Some people also use casserole dishes.

  • Do your hands get messy when you eat roti?

    If you are eating curry, there is no way to avoid your hands from getting messy other than using knife and fork. Eating with your hands is the traditional way of eating and if you are travelling to another country you should try their customs. They also say that it makes the food taste better if you eat it with your hands.



  • What is a rotimatic?

    Rotimatic is a machine that makes roti for you. you add the ingredients and it quickly spits out however many roti you want. You can adjust things like thickness and size. There was a lot of hype around these machines and they are sold at best buy and Amazon.

  • What is the difference between Roti and Naan?

    The Main difference is that Roti is made mostly from whole wheat flour and is made on a flat pan called a tawa. Naan is cooked in a tandoor and is made with all purpose flour. The texture of roti is softer than that of nan  and it can be thinner. Both roti and naan are flatbreads but they are eaten in India where they came from originally at different times in the day. Roti is more a breakfast item but can be eaten anytime and naan for dinner.

  • Is it roti or rotti?

    It is roti. Many people miss spell this.

    Tasty Roti

    Tasty Roti

4 Ways To Reheat Roti

  1. Wrap in moist towel and microwave

    You can use a clean towel or dishcloth or you can use paper towel. You don’t have to soak it, a small amount of water will do to prevent he roti from getting dried out and hard.

  2. Re-warm on a fry pan

    If you are doing this I would put a small amount of butter or water in the fry pan or tawa to keep it moist

  3. Wet and place in oven

    You can re-warm in the oven, but most people do the fry pan or tawa.

  4. Over open flame

    If you don’t have access to stoves etc. You can rewarm over an open flame. 



9 Popular Types of Roti

  1. Chapati/Chapatti 

    Chapatis are a thin pancake of unleavened whole grain bread cooked on a griddle. Most of these have an air pocket in the centre of the roti.

  2. Paratha Roti

    This is the type of roti preferred by Caribbean cultures. It is larger and thicker than many roti, but extra tasty!



  3. Dahl Purri

    Dahl Purri is Paratha roti with dried dahl on the inside. Also a favourite in the Caribbean.



  4. Bake

    Bake is a thick roti made in the oven with wheat and flour. The bake literally rises just like bread. It is typically eaten with salt fish at breakfast.

  5. Fiji Roti

    Fiji roti is around 6 inches in diameter and is thin and soft. You can eat several of these with a dish.

  6. India Roti

    India Roti is Naan or chapati.



  7. Caribbean Roti

    Caribbean roti is paratha roti and is larger and thicker than most types of roti. You can use this type of roti in more ways than other types of roti’s, like wrapping food in it.

  8. Buss Up Shut/Buss up Shot

    This is a Trinidadian version of Paratha Roti. It is a messy type of super soft roti filled and rolled with chicken curry, chick peas or Aloo (potato). Buss up shut is made by local roti shops and restaurants in Trinidad and around the world. It is often served at weddings and as a treat on holidays.



  9. Doubles

    Doubles are a fried type roti smothered in soft chick pea curry, they are often served for breakfast in Trinidad and can be very spicy. In Trinidad doubles are so popular that they are served for breakfast by street vendors.



  10. Sada Roti

    Sada Roti is a type of roti served in the Caribbean typically eaten for breakfast. It is small and thick and typically served with coffee or with a spread like salted butter. 



Don’t Do This When You Eat Roti | Roti Warning

  1. Watch out for the bone

    I have eaten roti with fish and once I did not know there was a bone in the fish. Disaster… the bone scratched the inside of my throat all the way down. Always chew your food up well and feel for bones.

  2. Don’t overheat and dry out

    If you overheat roti in any way, it will dry out. This makes the edges of the roti inedible and hard.



  3. Don’t burn your hands

    It is very easy to burn your hands on roti if you heat up too much. Because you are eating with your hands be careful not to burn yourself.

  4. Careful with kids

    Make sure the roti is not too hot before you feed it to the kids. In my experience if a child has a bad experience once with a food, they may not want to try it again.

  5. If you are eating too much roti make sure its low fat

    Eat whole wheat roti if you can as it is lower in fat and healthier for you. Just like brown bread!

  6. Don’t cook with too much oil

    It is not good for you. Roti is usually made with cheaper oils like canola.



An easy Roti Recipe | How to make Roti


                 -1 lb (4 cups) flour

    • 4 tsp baking powder
    • 1 tsp salt
    • 1½ oz ghee, margarine or butter
    • 1¾ cups water
    1. * Sift the flour, baking powder and salt together. * Add enough water to form a smooth soft dough. * Knead well and leave ½ hour covered with a damp cloth. * Flour a [cutting] board and roll out the dough to 8″ or 9″ diameter, then spread with ghee and sprinkle with flour. * Cut the dough from the centre to the edge, roll tightly into a cone shape, press peak into centre of cone, then flatten. Leave again for 30 min. * Cut the dough into 16 pieces, and for each, sprinkle flour on the board and roll out very thin with rolling pin. * Bake on a moderately hot bake stone (tawah), coating the dough with oil on both sides as it cooks. * Turn on both sides and cook for about 1½ minutes on each side. * Remove from baking stone and hit wooden palette until flaky or wrap in clean cloth and mash up.

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