How to Achieve the Top 5% of Everything You Do

How to achieve the top 5% of Everything

How to Achieve The Top 5% of Everything You Do

One of the factors I always strive for in everything I do is to be in the top 5% of what I am doing.
Obviously my philosophy behind this is to be a good all around person at everything I do.

Some people may ask why don’t you want to be in the top 1% or simply the best at everything you do?
Here is why. For me to be in the top 1% or the best at any given thing, I will have to dedicate myself totally to that one specific task. There is huge risk as well as huge reward by doing this. If you fail, you will have nothing to fall back on. For example, a boxer may dedicate their lives fully to boxing. Spending 8+ hours in the gym per day training and then many hours studying boxing. If they are in the top 1% and they succeed, they can earn hundreds of millions of dollars, be rewarded in the history books and become very famous.

How to achieve the top 5% of Everything

How to achieve the top 5% of Everything

Now that all sounds like gravy, but there is huge risk in sacrificing the rest of your life to one task. In that if you fail, the rest of your life will suffer because you have not done the groundwork in other areas of you life to succeed.

So if you take any area of life that lacked attention while you were focussing on your pipe dream of boxing, you may fail fast due to non exposure to the task or non focus. For example, lets say you fail at your boxing career and you decide you now want to be an amazing parent to your child or an amazing spouse to your significant other. There might be a level of resentment coming in your direction because you did not give these relationships attention in the past, making it very hard or impossible to repair the relationship

Another good example of this is right in myself. I am sometimes so focussed on working and making a living that I forget that I should be going to the gym or eating healthy.

As human beings we all do this, we take from one area and give more to another area that we find more important at any given time. Only to my detriment….Many years ago when I was first married, I took almost everything for granted.

This could have been a lack of maturity thing, but I had it all. A great career, a beautiful wife, a nice house, youth etc. What I did not have was health or physical fitness, and as we age this is one of the most important things to have in order to achieve success in other areas of life.

I now look back onto this time and realize that I could have been better, I could and should have been taking care of my health. If I had been exercising back then it would have given me more energy to work more and achieve higher goals.

Although my marriage is great, I did not always spend the high quality time I could have with my wife during this time. I would get home from work, tired. Plop on the couch and watch shows until midnight, or I would go out drinking with my buddies and plop into bed when I got home.

If I had the energy I would have had dinner with my wife and talked about the day, After dinner we would go for a walk or jog together. And after that we would make love for hours. (this was before children lol)

Being in the top 5% of a multitude of things is the strategy I am using in my life to be balanced. I always keep this number in my head as I do things. Even while I am sitting here writing this article, I am thinking that I want this book to be in the top 5% of best sellers for its genre.

I am going to put some space at the end of this article so that you can write down what you want to be in the top 5% of.


Here are some examples of what I choose to be in the top 5% of.

  1. Parenting

    I have major goals around parenting. When I was very young my father abandoned both myself and my sister. It was a tough time in our lives and this has affected both my sister and I in different ways.

For me it has sparked an internal chord that makes me want to be the polar opposite to my father. I want to be heavily involved in their lives, give a huge amount of love, have them in activities that will help them grow. And help them build the confidence you need as an adult early on in their lives.

I imagine by doing this they will have an easier life (if there is such a thing).

Being in the top 5% as a parent means that I will teach my kids more than most parent can or will. They will know how to play all sports, read well, fix things, fight, pursue goals, look and feel good and much more.

Lazy parenting is just not an option for me if I want to help make them the best they can be.
I don’t like to judge parents as we all know this is a tough 24hr gig, but trust me it is not that hard to be in the top 5% of parents.

2. Significant other (husband, wife, gf,bf etc)

To be in the top 5% of this category, you need to be the best you. I know I have to love myself before I can love another person and that means being in the top 5% of many other categories.

In my opinion to be the best significant other, you will have to provide healthy attention to your other. You will have to be somewhat creative in bed as well as in the things you do together.
The relationship has to be fun and focussed, with lots of play time as well as goal setting together to build a better future. When you are both working towards the same goal, there is unity in thought.

In bed, sex is extremely important in a relationship. I want to be in the top 5% of lovers as well. I want to be creative, fun, and frequent in bed and to do this I have to be physically fit, feel sexy myself and be highly attracted to my mate. To achieve this you will have to look and reflect on the positive attributes of your significant other and meditate on them. What are you attracted to? What were you first attracted to?

Your performance in bed is affected by your physical fitness and the sexual attraction can be improved with your physical fitness. Everything is tied together in this department. Creativeness is affected by your brains capacity to be creative. I can keep going about this but i’m sure you get the point.

3. Work

I love to mitigate risk in my life and my work is no different. I also like to try new things to improve my financial situation and make my life easier.

Right now, my main job is selling real estate. My goal is to be in the top 5% of all of the agents in my area. This would bring me a significant income and will also allow me the time to cultivate other work projects I am working on.

I do not love selling real estate, I actually love to write and travel. So with some of the time in my work day, I work on developing a travel blog. I plan on being in the top 5% of travel bloggers and this will eventually bring me significant income that I can pass on to my family should something bad ever happen to me.

I also flip houses and I am definitely in the top 5% in my area of house flippers.

Now you may ask how do you do all of this?
In the mornings I wake up extra early so that the kids are not distracting me, and I write. Once that is complete I organize workers for the house flips and order material online. In the early afternoon I focus on getting real estate customers.

I make sure every moment of my work day is revenue generating so that I am not spinning my wheels. I remember a time when I was employed by a large corporation and at least half of the day was wasted on fluff and unnecessary meetings.

Make each moment of your day count.

How to operate in the top 5% of everything

How to operate in the top 5% of everything

4. Physical fitness

In order for me to operate at the highest levels, I need to be physically fit. My cardio has to be good as well as I love to look and feel good.

To be fit I do 2 main things. For cardio I do Jiu jitsu and kickboxing. Just the act of doing these 2 activities puts me into the top 5% of many categories including fighters. The cardio workout is different in both of these exercises and it gives me a broad range of cardiovascular workouts. By doing these activities I intake a lot more oxygen and the small muscles in my body strengthen. This helps me improve many areas of my life including sex, energy, drive, mental clarity and much more.

I lift weights 3-4 times per week. This makes me physically stronger which helps me improve my martial arts training. It helps me look physically more sexually appealing, this brings me confidence and helps me in my job selling real estate. I have literally been called to sell someones house because they like how I look!

5. Other hobbies

Having hobbies helps you to be in the top 5% of conversationalists. I have many hobbies including reading, writing, scuba diving, travelling, photography, videography, tennis, salt water aquariums, gardening, fishing, hiking and much more.

In all of these hobbies I try to be in the top 5%. It gives me a feeling of achievement and it is very rewarding. This all ties into confidence for me, it allows me to be comfortable speaking and interacting with a large array of different people. I don’t like to do anything half assed, and I will never teach my kids to do things half assed. Do it and do it well, or don’t do it at all. You will look and feel stupid if you are half assed at everything.

6. Eating

Eating healthy is a huge contributor to how long and how well you will live. I want to be in the top 5% of eaters… sounds funny but it is a thing. To achieve this I cook every day and focus on getting high nutrients from every meal.

I drink a lot of water and I put lemon or lime in it so that I can get more nutrients out of every sip.  We try to portion our meat or fish every morning. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies. That alone will put me in the top 5% of eaters.

To motivate myself to eat healthier, I like to read and watch food documentaries. I do this with my wife and kids so that we are all learning how to improve our eating. I want us all to live long healthy lives.

7. Stress management

This is a work in progress for me, I want to be in the top 5% of stress managers…lol. Stress is a natural part of life, families and careers. It is deemed the biggest killer and leads to strokes heart attacks and disease.

A friend of mine is a successful lawyer in our area, he is young and has focussed on his career trying to get to the top 1% so that he can make a ton of cash. During his quest to achieve his goals he had a fucking heart attack at age 37. At the pinnacle of his career, his marriage and right after he had his first child. He almost died.

After seeing this it made me realize that our lives are very short and we all need to focus our energies on the things that really matter. The things that allow us to live, and live well.

I’m not saying drop your job by any means, you just need to mitigate your risk by managing your stress levels.

People manage stress in many ways, make rules for yourself that you can’t break. Such as hours you work in a day.
Create a list of stressors and eliminate them or delegate them. For example, I hate taxes. To mitigate this stressor, I hired an accountant to do my book keeping and gave him full authority to deal with the government directly.

I could go on and on about all of the things I am trying to be in the top 5% of. You should try to do this with all parts of your life. If you can achieve being in the top 5% of everything you do, you will no doubt achieve huge success in all areas of your life.

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