15 Annoying things about travelling with Women

15 Annoying things about travelling with women

15 Annoying things about travelling with Women

I am currently on a family trip with my aunts, grandmother and sister for a funeral in another country. My uncle passed away and he was the closest with the women in our family.

So I am sitting here, one man in a house with 7 female family members. I think i’m going to blow my head off. There are so many emotions here that I am not used to and it is a funeral, which escalates all of these emotions by 10.

I have never been in a room that goes from tense to laughing this fast. Are these people bi-polar? Makes me wonder why women like to go on girl trips and all stay in one house together. I am used to travelling with my little family, how do I get myself out of this?

15 Annoying things about travelling with Women

15 Annoying things about travelling with Women

15 annoying thing about travelling with women

1.They talk way too much

I have been here for 4 nights so far and I cannot believe how much these people are speaking. There has not been a moment of silence. The constant talking starts at 8am and continues until 1am. They even try to talk to me when I am taking a poo or showering. It’s insane.

2. There stories are too long

If one of them wants to tell me a story about a boy walking across the street, they will tell me about every pebble the boy saw on his way and describe every colour he saw , and how he felt on his way. I don’t need to know all of this.

3. They boss you around

Apparently the women in my family know how to do everything better than me. They write better, sell better, apparently do everything better than me.

4. They can be dirty

The bathroom floor at the house I am in is covered in hair and makeup, the tub is dirty. Why the hell is no one in this house taking responsibility for cleaning these thing. Should I clean it? Hell no. It not my long hair on the floor. It fucking disgusting.

5. They all think they can cook, but most can’t.

Meals are pre planned by them far in advance and most of the time the one that chooses to cook is the wort of the cooks. It’s really weird I don’t get this one. Maybe because the better cooks are sick of cooking and this is a mini break for them.

6. They need too much attention

Some people just need a lot of attention, I find that when you travel with a group of women they need even more attention than usual.

7. They take too long to get dressed

I feel like I am always waiting. They say “Ok Sean lets leave to go to the mall” and I put my shoes and jacket on. The next thing you know is I am is sitting waiting at the front door for 30 minutes.

8. They lecture you

You need to do this in your life, and you need to do that. Put them all in a room together and they will all put in their 2 cents on what you should do with your life.

15 Annoying Things About Travelling with Women

15 Annoying Things About Travelling with Women

9. Nagging

Don’t drink, don’t smoke; stop this do that. Fuck, this is driving me insane.

10. They argue with each other too much

Men do not argue as much as women, we think we do but men say what they have to say and either fight or leave. Women on the other hand will keep it going, back and forth and all around. And they dig really deep. I wait for the moment one of them will hit the other, but it doesn’t happen.

11. They repeat themselves

If there is an event in their lives that happens, they are going to share it with you. And then you will hear them share it with the person next to you, and again to anyone that they see.

12. Gossiping

Some women will sit in a circle and talk about people. The assumptions they make are sometimes so far fetched. “I think joe might be cheating on Nancy with Norma……no no…I think Joe is cheating on her with Jeff…” What the shit? Joe just went from cheating asshole to homosexual in 20 seconds. Am I on TMZ here?

13. Women can be mean

When they are babies, girls are treated so gently by their fathers. But as they age, they can get mean. You should hear the things they say to each other when they argue. They dig really deep.. Men would be hurt if they were spoken to that way.

14. They Cry a lot

The women I am with like to cry to each other, if they have a glass of wine or more they will definitely have a cry. It is really weird for me because half of the time, what they are crying about seams like nothing.

15. They collect too much “stuff’

One of them has a pile of clearance clothing they bought at Ross. They will probably never wear the shit. The other is collecting pastries from the funeral we were just at. I know they are not going to eat that, but it was free so they take it. The next one is collecting flower bouquets, we all know we are leaving in a couple of days but she says she wants to “enjoy it”.

Now that being said, travelling with my wife and daughter is amazing because we are used to each others quirks. This is specifically for travelling with aunts, mothers and cousins.

My recommendation is just don’t do it. Pay the money for the hotel, and visit them during the day. Ah shit, they are fighting again about the same thing they fought about 20 minutes ago. I can feel my chest getting tight, I put my 2 cents in hoping they will stop and the attack is directed at me. I think its best I shut the hell up.

Thank god today is the last day I have to stay in this house with them, I need to go to a kickboxing class or drink some beers with the boys to feel balanced again.


PS. Don’t get offended, I wrote this jokingly and lovingly. I am not generalizing all women together and mean no offence to anyone. Love you all!

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