11 Healthy Ways Men Can Stay Fit After 35

11 Healthy Ways Men Stay Fit After 35

11 Healthy Ways Men Stay Fit After 35

The 35 hump is a big, frustrating time in a mans life. Somewhere in these years our bodies start going through some shitty changes that can age us rapidly. If you are reading this, you probably know what I’m talking about. You work out a bit, but the results just don’t come in as fast as they used to. I know at this point in my life I am going to have to work a lot harder to maintain my physique.

11 Healthy Ways Men Stay Fit After 35

11 Healthy Ways Men Stay Fit After 35

A lot has changed for me during this time, I am now 39 years old and fighting the battle we all have to go through.

Now I am a little different in some regards. I am a mixed martial artist and do high intensity Muay Thai Boxing as well as brazilian Jiu Jitsu. My body takes a significant amount of abuse.

In these sports my neck, ankles, wrists and many other parts of my body are cranked and twisted. I am also kicked and punched often as I do some sparing. We get many injuries from this sport, but I continue to do it only because it keeps me fit and keeps me confident. I know the day I give this sport up is the day I give in to the fact I am aging.

Men over 35 love to do all sorts of workouts, but I know at this age I have to start focussing on workouts that are going to improve my lifestyle mentally and physically. Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu will continue to be my best HIIT style workout. It raises my heart rate and gets the blood really pumping. It also helps to increase my testosterone. This is very important to me in my late 30s and beyond. I never want to have to deal with the issues like low libido or just becoming a passive man. I like to be aggressive and dominant.

Reading this you may feel like this is not the same situation that you are in, but trust me. You will get there. Being in shape after 35 is important from the physical look factor, the health factor and the sex factor. In your 20’s you don’t have to worry as much about getting sick or getting fat. It is easier for you at a younger age.

I also spend a lot of time sitting in front of my computer every day. It is a part of my job as a blogger as well as a mortgage broker. This is by the way how I fund my frequent family vacations. I get lower back pain as well as chronic neck pain for this.

So lets get right to it… I want to tell you the how’s and why’s of staying healthy and in shape after 35 years old.

This is mostly a travel blog and I really needed to add this to my list of articles because it is a real part of me. I use the same techniques while I am on vacation in order to stay in routine.


11 Healthy Ways Men can Stay Fit After 35

  1. Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is one badass exercise that is amazing for men over 35. It works muscles in your body that you did not know existed and helps with overall balance. This is great when you are playing almost any sport, as you become strong in ways you did not know even existed.

It also makes you sweat like a mofo, so it is great for expelling bad toxins from your body. After a weekend of partying, hot yoga really makes you feel refreshed. Just make sure you drink lots of water. This is one of the best exercise activities you can do if you are over 35yrs old.

Hot yoga also has some spinoff benefit including increasing your libido. Try going to a class full of beautiful women bending into shapes you only dreamed of lol. You will rush home to your girlfriend or wife pretty quick for a romp.

Hot Yoga is also great for people like me that are high strung and deal with anxiety. It is like meditation and workout in one and will help you clear your head.

2. Bike Riding

Bike riding gives awesome cardiovascular exercise and does not put too much pressure on your limbs and joints. It also gives you time to enjoy nature. You will get a lot of much needed fresh air and it can help you think.

Not everyone bikes hard but if you do, you will work up a sweat. Biking can burn a lot of calories in a fun way.

3. Kayaking

I love to Kayak, it gets me out on the water and really relaxes me. I usually kayak on slow moving rivers so the beginning of the trip is relaxing. But when you want to get back to your launch point, it will be some work. Kayaking is great for upper body and core strength. The best part about it to me is that it does not feel like I am working out.

If you are over 35 kayaking is a great option for you if weather permits.

4. Jogging

Any time I travel I love to jog. It helps me wake up in the morning as well as explore the new area I am in. Jogging is great for cardio and legs strength.

5. Muay Thai

Muay thai Kickboxing is an unreal exercise, I try to do this at least twice a week. This form of self defence is amazing for cardio and will make you sweat like a pig lol.

Muay Thai is is great for confidence as it will not only make you stronger, but will also make you more aware during a fight. Everything moves fast in this sport and so will you. The other spinoff benefit to Muay Thai is increased testosterone levels that will appear in the bedroom. It makes a man animalistic and most women find this attractive.

After doing this sport for even the first year my body transformed out of the dad body into something I could be proud of. The sport itself can be a bit pricey, as someone is teaching you their lives work, but it is worth it all day. I love it.

Being 39 years old and doing this sport often is not easy but the payoff is worth it.

Muay Thai Exercise for men over 35

Muay Thai Exercise for men over 35

6. Lifting Weights for men After 35

I enjoy lifting weights a few times a week, after 35 this is really important because mens muscle mass starts to naturally decrease at this age. It is really important to get enough protein and nutrients to maintain muscle. Gaining muscle is a lot harder at this time in your life, but don’t sweat it. It is totally possible to keep making gains.

Lifting weight can help you feel more confident in your body. You hairline may be receding but you can still look amazing if you put the effort into your body.

There are huge benefit to lifting weights even if you are overweight! Not only are you gaining muscle, your body continues to burn calories long after your exercise. This is due to the muscles healing from lifting.

For you couch potatoes out there, lifting weights can be a really healthy social event. At first you might feel uncomfortable in the gym, but eventually you will naturally start making friends. For me it is a whole social event, I get to walk around the gym looking at pretty girls, meet the odd friend and have some water cooler chats then I usually sit in the sauna or the hot tub and have random conversations with strangers.

7. Tennis After 35

Tennis can be as strenuous as you make it. When I was younger my friends and I used to make each other run really hard and we would always chase the ball, even with the slightest chance of getting the ball. Now as I get a bit older, I realize I should conserve my energy for the next realistic possibility.

The game of tennis can last hours and is extremely fun. Running from start stop over and over can give you a really hardcore workout. Don’t be surprised if you wake up the next day with sore muscles in your calves and back.

The cardio in tennis is just what your 35 year old body needs. Your blood will be pumping hard and you will get the fresh air you need to feel really good.

8. Jiu Jitsu For men over 35

There are a lot of guys in their late 30’s and 40’s at my gym that are doing jiu jitsu. For most it is the only way they stay in shape. Jiu Jitsu gives men and women over 35 self confidence and purpose. It teaches people drive to just get better, and the more you practice the better you get…simple as that.

Jiu jitsu is really great for explosive strength and core strength. You will constantly be pushing and pulling or twisting and turning with oppositional body movement. Meaning someone is pulling at you and you are pulling away from them. This is really good for muscular strength.

Jiu jitsu also helps with flexibility with we all become less of as we get older.

9. Swimming for men over 35

Swimming is probably one of the easiest ways for a person to start out at a gym. It is great for your lungs as well as your overall cardio. I try to get in a couple of days of swimming a month at the least and generally more than that in the summer time.

Swimming when you are 35 or older is easy on your joints and limbs and when you are done you will generally have a sense of well being. I like to pair this with sitting in a sauna or steam room, as well as the hot tub. It is great for your muscles and helps me to relax.

10. Team Sports

Team sports are the way to go if you are not motivated to work out by yourself. I have a brother in law that just can’t get into the routine of working out. His solution is to play soccer on a team. I think it is the accountability or responsibility you feel to be there for other people.

Most team sports like basketball and soccer have a lot of running in it and can be great for cardio. The downfall is because of the types of movements you are doing there can be high risk of injury. Be careful and make sure you stretch and jog to warm up before playing these types of sports I have seen many young men get severely injured playing team sports. More so than martial arts or other sports you think would be worse.

11. Hiking for men over 35

For me hiking has become a form of therapy. It is my excuse to get out into the wilderness and take deep breaths. Feeling grounded to the earth has become very important to me as I have gotten older and I often tell my wife if I am felling disconnected with nature.

I think as you age, you just become more aware of the little things we have taken for granted most of our lives. Hiking for me is a really easy form of exercise. It is not easy physically, but it is an easy mental decision to say “ya, Let’s go hiking”.

I mix my hikes up with jogging and running on the stairs in my cities river valley. This gives me a muscular workout in my glutes and legs. It also will give you the cardio all of our bodies need.

If you have any more insight or questions about Exercise for men over 35, please shoot us an email or comment. We want our health and wellness blogs to be the most comprehensive source of information about exercise for men on the internet.


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