How to Catch Huge Fish On Hawaii’s Big Island

Big Island Deep Sea Fishing

Hawaii is a fisherman’s dream with legal shore fishing, charter fishing, spearfishing, river and lake style fishings and Fly Fishing. Here is how to catch huge fish on Hawaii’s Big Island!  There is literally something for everyone here. If you don’t know how to fish a specific way there are tons of companies out there that will teach you. Because of this there is major competition here and it has brought the prices to a very affordable level!

The fishing Charters on Hawaii’s Big Island have gone high end to keep up with the competition. They  are now using the best equipment, world renown Captains, and luxurious vessels. All of this has made fishing here an amazing experience for everyone as you will normally catch something big and have an amazing experience onboard.

The best place in Hawaii to Catch a Blue Marlin

The Big Island is world renown to be the best place in Hawaii to catch a blue marlin. The captains on most ships are highly experienced in hunting for these massive fish and know where to look. Catching these beautiful creatures you will need to have the right equipment or you will loose your catch, most ships come with everything you need.

The other thing you absolutely must have if you are trying to catch a blue Marlin in Hawaii is the right live bait. If you charter a quality company they will either have the bait you need or will take you out and help you catch your own bait.



What type of fish will I catch in Hawaii Deep sea Fishing?

Other popular types of fish you will have the opportunity to catch in Hawaii are Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Ono, Ahi and Giant Trevalley! Deep sea charters come equipped with everything you need to catch these massive fish.

Is deep sea fishing in Hawaii Safe?

Deep sea fishing is so safe that it has become a very popular family tour. The Big Islands waters are fairly calm and a knowledgeable captain will not take customers in the water unless it is safe. Fishing charters survive off of great reviews, word of mouth and amazing customer service. If a client feels unsafe the fishing charter will not last long in business. I can tell you that many of the fishing charters we spoke to in Kona, Hilo and other parts of the island were out of business. Most of these companies were the ones with small vision and poor reviews.

Are the boats clean?

If you choose one of the recommended charters, your boat will be clean. Cleanliness on a fishing charter is essential for a sanitary experience. We recommend not going with the absolute cheapest company because usually they care a lot less about the equipment, the safety or the cleanliness.

Deep sea fishing

Deep sea fishing

The best team building tour on the Big island

A few years back we attended a team building rally for the company on board a deep sea fishing tour. Onboard were the top sales reps, and managers. This was an extremely good bonding experience for our team. We had a goal, catch a Big Fish. We had competition, who can catch the rarest or biggest fish. And we had team work because once you get one of these babies on line it takes a lot of work!

Do I get to keep the fish I catch of a deep sea fishing charter in Hawaii?

Most fishing charters will allow you to keep a portion of the fish and some of the overage will go to the ship itself. I prefer ships where the boat keeps a portion as this business is very competitive and I like to use the best equipment on the best boats. Keeping the fish is not a big deal to me, its all about the hunt. Letting the boat keep the fish helps pay for better service!

How do I know if the fishing charter I am going with is a good one on the Big Island?

There are many sources with reviews online including trip advisor, yelp and a few more. These sites can be very confusing as everyone has a different experience. Adventugo has spoken to every single on of these companies, checked their prices and have researched the experience of the Captains and owners. We take away the guessing and make sure you get the experience you deserve.

We have gone through every single fishing charter website on the Big island and there are many that are low quality or just had poor service in returning calls etc. The companies we recommend are only the best of the best.

A must do thing on the Big Island if you like to hunt or fish.

Deep sea fishing is a must do if you are going to the Big island, there are half day and full day charters. You can be back to the hotel before your spouse is even awake! It is a well priced experience that you will learn a lot in. If you enjoy any type of fishing this will bring you a bigger thrill than you can imagine. Its a fight all the way in!

The #1 Fishing Charter on Kona 

After doing the research the top fishing charter we could find in all categories is Hanamana Fishing Charter. Here is a link to more info on this company and I will also include a link to their direct website. More info at  


Hanamana Logo 2

Hanamana Logo 


For more information, visit There is also the option of getting a custom itinerary from Follow Adventugo on Facebook and instagram!


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