14 Fun Things To Do at White Beach Boracay, Philippines


14 Fun Things to do at White Beach Boracay

This year my family and I spent 11 glorious days in Boracay. It was one of our favourite places to be in the Philippines for many reasons. I will teach you about the 14 fun things to do at White Beach Boracay Philippines.

There are 4 of us, myself, my 2 kids ages 5 and 2 and my beautiful wife. We are adventure travellers looking for the most beautiful beach destinations in the world, and I think we may have just found it….White beach Boracay…Wow!

This place is absolutely stunning, it stretches for miles and is very wide. The sand is soft and silky, and bright white as it is made from finely crushed coral. The beach itself is beautifully manicured and cared for by the government, and there are strict laws against litter of any kind.

Our kids loved white sand beach the best out of all of the beaches we went to in our 30 days travelling around the Philippines because it was soft and the water was extremely calm.

For parents and adults this beach is also the most convenient and relaxing place because of its close and easy access to bars, restaurants, toilets, and hotels!

A lot of articles have been written about other beaches on Boracay and I will tell you about them in another article, but know this…. White beach is all around, the best beach in Philippines.

White beach Boracay Philippines

White beach Boracay Philippines. 14 fun things to do.

14 Fun Things to do at White Beach Boracay

1. Go Snorkelling

The snorkelling at the edges of the beach are the best is what I found. I love to snorkel and I did it all over white sand beach. Also by the rock formation in the middle. There is also good snorkelling around 20 yards off the beach in station 2. Just be careful for all of the sail boats. This was a safe place to snorkel with young kids, I took my son out there and there is very little current and good visibility.

2. Take a sailboat sunset cruise

The sunset sailboats off the beach are a tourist favourite. The boats are beautiful and they all look the same. I think the government made the boat owners get the same sails, they are blue and white. There are a lot of people on the beach that will try to sell you these cruises, you are better to book online or with a tour company. The guys on the beach will charge you more. If you are searching it online it is called Paraw sailing. I have no idea The prices I find online are around $3000 pesos for 2 people. This seems like a lot. I’m sure you can get it for $1000 pesos each.

Station 2 White Beach Boracay Philippines

Station 2 White Beach Boracay Philippines

3. Visit all 3 stations

This is a weird one, white sand beach has 3 stations. Each station has its own features and benefits and geographic location on the beach. Station 1 is more on the budget side, I found there are more backpackers and teens here. I spent some time there and it is beautiful. There is not a lot of shopping in station 1. Station 2 is in the middle and this is where you will find the most action. Shopping, restaurants, massage places etc. And station 3 is where the more luxury resorts are located. There is less to do here. I found that for most people station 2 is the best, but it is fun to check out all 3. I jogged every morning to a different part of the beach and explored around before my kids woke up.

4. Climb Willys Rock

This is the rock formation in the middle of the beach. This is the spot the instagram models take their pictures on and it gives you great views of the beach.

5. Go for a jog

The sand on this beach is solid and soft at the same time. Its really weird and awesome to jog on or to play in. Even when it gets really wet.

6. Tan

Tanning at this beach is awesome and relaxing. You can sit there, soak up the sun and people watch all day.

7. Build a sandcastle

The sand her is perfect for building sandcastles. My kids did it every day, and the local kids even came by and built us an awesome sandcastle with our logo on it.

Fun Things to do on White Beach Boracay, Philippines

Fun Things to do on White Beach Boracay, Philippines

8. Meet the locals

The local are so nice around Boracay, and the police presence is there to ensure no one fucks with you or your family. Boracay is very strict and there is zero tolerance for messing with the tourists.

9. Get a beach massage

The massages on the beach are pretty cheap here and clean. I got an oil massage for 400 pesos beachfront. It is awesome.

10. Have lunch

There are all kinds of awesome restaurants to explore in Boracay. Right on the beach, we ate there every day. There are chilling places to have drinks with live music etc. They let kids in almost everywhere.

Try the indian restaurant rooftop! The food was great and the dining experience is really unique.

11. Go shopping

There are all kinds of hidden markets in station 2 of Boracay. You can buy souveniers, tank tops, beach toys and a lot more. Make sure you negotiate, when they give you a price ask for 25% OFF.

12. Island hopping tours

There are island hopping tours that are really fun right off the beach in Boracay. They are not as good as the El Nido or Coron island hopping trips but they are cool to see if you are not visiting those other places. I found the pricing very high compared to the rest of the Philippines.

For the best snorkelling in Boracay you have to go on an island hopping tour.

13. Get a Tattoo

There are tattoo shops all over Boracays white beach. I got one done and it turned out great. I wrote a full review of the tattoo shops here.

14. Clubbing

There are a couple of nightclubs right on the beach at white beach. They are really nice and bumpin!

Kids Playing at White Beach Boracay Philippines

Kids Playing at White Beach Boracay Philippines. Fun Things to do

Common questions about White beach Boracay

1. Is white beach safe?

Yes white beach is very safe. There are police everywhere watching out for tourists and zero tolerance for scammers.

2. Is there a strong current at white beach Boracay?

There can be strong currents anywhere in the ocean. There are signs up that show what the current is like. Always wear a lifejacket if you don’t know how to swim well.

3. Can you drink alcohol at white beach?

There is no alcohol or bottles allowed on this beach. It used to get very dirty and the government intervened making strict rules.

4. Can you smoke cigarettes at white beach Boracay?

There is no smoking at this beach. There are areas away from the beach you can walk to and smoke.

5. Are there shaded areas at white beach Boracay?

Yes there is a lot of palm coverage here, umbrellas and tents are not allowed.

6. Is there a public washroom at white beach?

There are washrooms in the mall areas and the restaurant areas. We never had a problem using these.

7. Is there a change room?

There are no change rooms here, wear your swimsuit under your clothing or wear a wrap.

8. Are there lifeguards at white beach

Yes there are some lifeguards on the beach, however it is so spread out I would not bank on them saving you.

9. Is the beach wheelchair accessible?

No it is not wheel chair accessible. You could probably fit and ant the top of the beach you could move the wheelchair around if it has large tires

10. Can I bring a stroller on white beach?

Yes we brought ours. it is not easy to move around on the sand.

If you have any more insight or questions about Boracay or the Philippines, please shoot us an email or comment. We want our Philippines Travel blogs to be the most comprehensive source of information about Boracay on the internet.


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