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We Want To Hire You, Sales Managers positions in Every Country

Our company is looking to hire independent contractors in every country in the world. We are a digital marketing agency that specializes in increasing business to tour companies, realtors, mortgage associates and small businesses.  One of the barriers we have in our business is that we do not speak every language and cannot communicate with some of the companies we are trying to reach.

We want to help you grow your own business using the advertising packages we offer. For every sale you will receive a generous referral fee. We have 2 distinct packages. Here is a link to the packages we offer.

Every country in the world has people struggling to make ends meet. Many of these people are unable to find a good paying job or the average income levels of these countries are so low that the majority of the people are living in poverty. These are the people we are trying to help, anyone that needs to make more money.

When you decide you are ready to make more money, we will train you to sell the products we have. You will receive a territory that you can sell in, along with all of the information you need to be successful. We include video tutorials, management tools, scripts and more. Here is a link to the packages you will sell.


The Commission structure

Adventugo has 2 main packages. The Basic package and the Gold Package. 

Here is a sample of a person making 20 sales per month and what the commission in USD would be.

You will make more depending on how hard you work.

ex. Gold Package standard price you sell it for $329.99/mth minimum 1 year term

Your standard commission per sale is $329.99 USD 

If you make 20 sales in a month your commission is $329.99/mth x 20 sales= Total commission for that month is $6599.80

Bonus Structure

Once your clients have been a customer for 6 mths you will receive additional commission in the form of bonus.

ex. The same example of 20 sales per month.

6mths x 20 sale= 120 sales total

At the 6mth mark you will receive an additional $100 per sale.

120 sales x $100 = $12, 000 Bonus Check!

The Big picture (Total Income earned)

In this example the total income earned in the year if you are doing 20 sales per month is $103,197.60 USD

Send Us Your Resume

If you are interested in the position, email us your resume to and we will be in touch.

Link to more detail on the products and what we do for you client.


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