Cabo Beach Coron Philippines, A Mainland Hidden Gem.


Cabo Beach Coron Philippines, A Mainland Hidden Gem.

My family and I just spent 10 amazing days in Coron, Palawan and we loved it!

Our favourite thing to do in Coron is to spend days relaxing and playing on the beach. Mainland Coron has a lot of hidden gem right on it that are very inexpensive to do. Cabo beach is one of them. Transportation to the beach is cheap, the food and drink there is fairly priced and it is in a really neat secluded area.

The Ultimate Guide To Cabo Beach, Coron Philippines. A Hidden Gem

The Ultimate Guide To Cabo Beach, Coron Philippines. A Hidden Gem

7 Things You Can Do At Cabo Beach

1.Chill in a beach hut

We paid 200 Pesos for a beach hut that was totally private, it was really cheap and it had a table in it. The beach hut turned out perfect for taking naps and just vegging out in.

2. Take awesome pictures

The pictures you will be able to get at this beach are epic. It is very close to a mountain on the other side of the ocean, so the landscape photos are amazing. My favourite were the pics we took using the beach hut as a backdrop.

3. Snorkel

You can snorkel here, and although you will not see as much ocean life, you will see animals that live in the sea grass. You might even see a turtle here as they come to eat the seagrass.

Posing in our beach hut at Cabo Beach, Coron. Philippines travel guides

Posing in our beach hut at Cabo Beach, Coron. Philippines travel guides

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4. Explore the beach area.

The beach area is not as nice as on the islands around Coron, however there is a lot to see including mangroves!

5. Have a picnic

The beach huts are great to have a picnic at. Bring your own food when you go here as they do not sell food here. Only snacks.

5 Things to do with kids at Cabo beach

  1. Feed the chickens

There are lots of wild chickens walking around Cabo beach. There was a small family of chickens under our hut and our kids had so much fun feeding them cereal.

Feeding Chickens at Cabo Beach in Coron, Palawan. Philippines travel guide

Feeding Chickens at Cabo Beach in Coron, Palawan. Philippines travel guide

2. Make a sandcastle

Everywhere my kids go with sand, they will build a sandcastle. This is one of those lazy beaches perfect for just chilling out at.

3. Look at the wildlife in the mangrove area.

There is a totally different ecosystem right on the other side of the beach, a massive mangrove area. There are a lot of cool things to see here like little crabs with their claws out of the water and fish that can walk on land!

4. Play ball on the beach.

Bring a ball with you the sand is flat and perfect for a ball game.

5.Try to catch fish at the beach in a net

The beach area is shallow very far out making it perfect for kids to try to catch a fish in nets!

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Our Experience at Cabo beach

When we were in Coron, Cabo beach was not even on our list of places to go. One day i was sitting outside of my hotel at Casa Coron and a driver came by. I wanted to ask about Manquinit hot springs and he told me about this little beach on the mainland close to the hot spring area.

We made the decision as the family to check out the beach and the hot springs all in one day. The driver suggested that we do the beach first for the hot part of the day, and then go to the hot spring in the evening when it cools down.

I negotiated a round trip all day tricycle driver for $700 Pesos to take us to these locations. This cost covered all 4 of us, and the driver sat and waited while we did our thing.

There will be entrance fees at the beach of $25 pesos per person. Here is a link to XE money converter.

The drive was approximately 25 minutes from mainland and it was interesting. I must say, this is one of the best ways to see some of the small villages in mainland Coron. It is an educational experience as you will see what they farm in Coron as well as how the locals live.

Cabo Beach, Coron Philippines

Cabo Beach, Coron Philippines

We stopped a few times to take pictures.

Our ride took us down some winding roads in the countryside and my wife got a little concerned about where they were taking us. It doesn’t look like you would be on your way to a beach at one point. It feels like they are taking you out into the middle of nowhere.

When you first get to the beach, there is a small outbuilding on the left side where you will have to pay an entrance fee. They gave us the option to rent a beach hut fully enclosed for $200 pesos. This is so cheap for what you get so we paid it. They pointed out our hut and we went over to it.

The hut looks tiki style and is made of bamboo. There is a table inside and bench seating made from the bamboo all around the inside of the hut.and there is a door that you can close. It is very private.

There is a cool breeze coming off of the ocean and the hut was perfect to have a few beers and take a nap in. The kids played in the sand in front of the hut and there were little baby chickens running around all over the place for them to feed.

The beach itself is not great, but they have made the area really nice for the tourists. At the edge of the beach there was a small hut with a hammock. I walked over there and there were people camping out at the beach.

If you want a cold beer, soft drink or some snacks, they sell it at the building in the middle of the beach. Beers are $80 pesos and soft drinks are $70 pesos. A bag of chips are $30 pesos.

My son and I decided to go for a walk to check out the mangroves to the south of the beach area. We were on the hunt for crabs and alligators. We only found crabs but it was cool to teach him about what the mangroves were and what kind of animals you can see there.

More beach Hut Pics at Cabo Beach, Coron

More beach Hut Pics at Cabo Beach, Coron


Common questions about Cabo Beach

How much does it cost to get to Cabo beach?

It cost $400 pesos round trip. Or you can get a driver for the day for around $700 pesos

Is Cabo Beach on an island?

No Cabo beach is on mainland Coron. It is the only good beach on Coron

Is Cabo beach nice?

Cabo beach is really nice, if you are spending more than 3 nights in Coron you should definitely hit this beach.

Do they have a restaurant at Cabo beach?

No there is no restaurant at Cabo beach, you should bring lunch with you. They do however sell snacks and drinks here.

Cabo Beach in Coron, Philippines

Cabo Beach in Coron, Philippines

Can you snorkel at Cabo beach?

Yes you can snorkel here, the visibility is not as good as out on the islands and there is no reef here. Off the beach there is a sea bed and you will be able to see some sea life that you would not see out on the islands. If you are doing this make sure you wear some sort of footwear in the water as there can be poisonous rock fish in these types of marine areas.

Is there somewhere to change at Cabo beach?

You can change in one of the beach huts if you rent one. There are no formal change rooms.

Is there public washrooms at Cabo beach?

There is a bathroom, but it is not clean or nice to western standards.

Cabo Beach Map

Cabo Beach Map, Coron Philippines

Cabo Beach Map, Coron Philippines

Coron, Palawan Map

Coron, Palawan Map. Philippines Maps

Coron, Palawan Map. Philippines Maps

The Rampersaudsat Lio Beach El Nido

The Rampersauds at Lio Beach

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