Things you can do for Free While on Vacation

Going on vacation can be very expensive, however we have found there are many ways to cut down on expenses and have a more fulfilling trip. Most of these items can be done for free! Fortunately in these situations you the traveller are in full control of how much you spend. We have travelled many times to Hawaii, Florida, Thailand, Fiji and many other destinations at different stages of life and have done these for free! Some of the items on this list are area specific and over time we will continue to add to the list with the help of our users and community. We continue to try to make travel easy for our users, this list will be super helpful to you if it is your first vacation as well as things can get out of hand really fast. Many travellers get back to reality with a big fat credit card balance, some good memories and some buyers remorse. At Adventugo we want you to come back without the buyers remorse.

Here is our list of top things you can do on vacation for free!

  1. Surfing (if you do not know how, lessons are really cheap and they are offer close to most beach destinations)








 2. Shopping (Google search outlet malls, and have a great day shopping outdoors)







4.Fishing, I always carry around a collapsable fishing rod with me and fish almost every destination for Free!









5.  Parks, every city has a few very beautiful parks that should be visited








6. Downtown, cities spend huge money promoting their downtown core, there is usually entertainment, shopping and lots of restaurants at these locations.









7. Snorkeling, this is one of my favorite things to do when I am on vacation. I spend countless hours doing this activity for free! You can buy a snorkel set relatively cheap at any Wal-mart or Costco. Then you need to find a reef, search online for snorkel spots or check out 








8.Spearfishing, you can buy spears at Wal-mart. This can be a very fun activity, just make sure you are safe with the spear and are fishing only for either the correct size and type of fish or invasive species. I do this often for fun hunting only invasive species, this helps the reef and is a service to the country you are visiting.

Oahu Spearfishing










9.Visit Temples, this is location specific however it can be absolutely amazing. Some travellers make full trips out of this. You can view some cool locations at

10. Beach Day, this can be some of the best days on a trip. As relaxing or vigorous as you want it to be and it is completely free!










11. Hiking, search hiking locations near your destination. Make sure you bring water and bug spray!









12. Markets, some locations even have floating markets! See how the locals buy, this activity can help you feel a part of the culture you are immersing yourself in.











Travelling is one of the best experiences a person can have, when you have a large family or on a budget your dream trip can still be possible. We try to use points as much as we can and we wait for seat sales. Last minute trips can also help save you some cash to make your dream reality. We have many free options at different locations on


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