Start Up Costs and Requirements For Employment


All Of the Start up Costs and things you will need to Work here

Like any other Business, there are some minimum employment requirements you will need to be successful. Most people already have these minimums, and if you don’t they are not hard to get.

Minimum Requirements.

  1. A computer to fill out forms and track your calls.
  2. A phone to make your calls
  3. You must read through the scripts over 50 times and practice.
  4. Receive the territory assignment so that you know which locations you are calling to.

What you will need to do in a day to be successful

  1. Make a minimum of 30 calls per day into your territory
  2. Manage your calls using the included spreadsheets.
  3. Understand the process from beginning to end (know what you are selling)
  4. Manage your time well. 
  5. Make your calls during regular business hours.
  6. Understand you customers needs for growth
Cold calling

Cold calling

What we require before you are assigned your territory.

  1. Resume
  2. Email Address
  3. $300 Administration fee
  4. Phone number
  5. Skype if you have it

Common Questions

  • What is the $300 admin fee for? The administration fee is for your account setup. It is a non refundable fee and can be paid by Visa, Mastercard or paypal.
  • How soon will I get paid? You will be paid every 2 weeks as you make sales.

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