7 Ways to Get The best Price On A Flight To A Funeral

Cheap fights to funerals

7 Ways to Get The best Price On A Flight To A Funeral

A few days ago I had a family member pass, and I had to purchase a last minute flight from Canada to Chicago. I hopped on my trusty site and punched in my dates and times and it spat out the most outrageous number. I was pissed, it was more than double what I normally pay for a flight out here. How to get the best price on flights to funerals.

The airlines are extra busy right now because many of their planes have been grounded due to the Boeing plane crash. I felt that over and above the pain I was feeling for my lost relative, that the airline was gouging me on top of that.

Obviously that is not the case but during hard times like this a person feels like the world is crushing down on them. I had to get to the funeral so I had my wife and I both on different computers trying to find a deal.

There are so many resources online to get a good deal, but most people just take the first flight they are given. That is why I have put together this list of ways to get a good deal on a last minute flight to go to a funeral.

Cheap fights to funerals

Cheap fights to funerals

7 Ways To Get The Best Price On A Flight to A Funeral

  1. Check

If you haven’t heard of it, sky scanner is a great website that gives you multiple airline options in one search. When you search on skyscanner it also allows you to check multiple dates in one search.

2. Google Flights

This site also allows you to search multiple airlines and multiple dates all at the same time.

3. or

With Expedia, you will have to type in your dates and play around with the calendar in order to get the best flight. One of the best parts about Expedia is that they have so much buying power, that they purchase seats on flights directly from the airlines.

When a flight is not sold out, they will put it on sale.

4. Book on points

I use the RBC Avion Elite for my point card. For this flight, I ended up using points because the price of the flights were outrageous.

5. Call the airline directly and ask for a discount code

Some airlines will offer a discount for funerals. Up to 20% off.

6. Book one way

Sometimes there are left over seats one way for really cheap. Play around with this on various sites and you can pick up a good deal.

7. Hire a travel agent

Some of the larger travel agencies pre-purchase seats on flights for a discounted rate because of bulk purchases. When they can’t sell the seats, they discount the tickets.

We unfortunately just had to use some of these tactics during an uncle funeral in Chicago for many tickets for several different people and we were successful getting some great deals on our flight to the funeral.

I really hope this helps you, and our condolences to you and your family if you are reading this. It is very hard to lose a loved one in another city or country. We have packing tips and other tools for you to make your life easier in our travel tips section. They will get you a cheap flight to the funeral.

Take care

The Rampersaud Family

If you have any more insight or questions about flights to funerals, please shoot us an email or comment. Our condolences to you and your family.


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