21 Things You Need To Know About Caribbean People

21 Things you need to know about caribbean people

21 Things You Need To Know About Caribbean People, 

Caribbean people have very distinct cultural traits, some of which you might find offensive if you do not understand the culture. Their cultures are massively diverse, with backgrounds originating in Africa, India, France, Britain, Spain and the Netherlands. All of these cultures combined has created the perfect mix and has created a culture in its own.


21 Things you need to know about caribbean people

21 Things you need to know about caribbean people

11 Things You Need to Know About Caribbean People

  1. Caribbean People Are Foodies

    Every single Caribbean person I have ever met have been a foodie. The food in the Caribbean is very diverse because of the meld of cultures in these countries. There is food with originations from Africa, India, the Netherlands, China and several other countries and the Caribbean people have done an amazing job of fusing these foods together with a spicy Caribbean twist!My family is from Guyana and when someone cooks something awesome, they make sure everyone knows about it! Caribbean people are very generous with their food and share it with friends and family. If you are visiting a Caribbean person there will always be food available and if you don’t try a taste, they may feel you are rushed.

  2. They Play Music all day

    Music is a major part of Caribbean culture and the people here blast their tunes all day long. I remember on my last trip to the Caribbean, there was a lady that would wake up and play her tunes first thing in the morning and dance while she did her morning routine. Everywhere I go from small shops to restaurants and malls, they are blasting their tunes. At home when we wake up and while we cook music is played. 

  3. Caribbean people love to dance

    It doesn’t have to be a party for Caribbean people to dance. We dance in the kitchen and the shower. As long as there are tunes, there is a reason to dance.

  4. They are clean freaks

    If you go into a Caribbean household on any given Sunday you will most likely smell pine sol. Caribbean people are very clean, they dissinfect everything including their food! Before they cook meats they will wash the meat with lemon!

  5. Holidays are a big deal

    Every holiday is celebrated in the Caribbean. Give these people something to celebrate and they will make a party out of it. When I say they celebrate every holiday, this is because there are many religions and cultures in the Caribbean and they respect everyones religion. You will see muslims celebrating christian and Hindu holidays and vice versa.

  6. Caribbean people are loud

    This is definitely not a quiet culture, Caribbean people make their point by being louder than the person they are speaking to. As you can imagine this can cause the conversation to sound aggressive to some, but most of the time it is not.

  7. They are religious

    In the Caribbean there are many religions and the people there all respect each others religions. The main religions are Christianity, Muslim, and Hindu. There are also other religions that are country specific such as Voodoo in Haiti.

  8. Highly Opinionated

    These people love a good debate. Growing up, I would listen to my uncles debate about everything from sports, to religion, local news and world events. If a Caribbean person feels they are right about something, there is no changing their opinion.

  9. Not everyone smokes weed

    Some people think everyone in the Caribbean smokes weed. Marijuana is illegal in the Caribbean and not that many people smoke it here.

  10. They like to drink

    Caribbean people love to drink. Beer and Rum are the favourites here. There are little bars all over the place in the Caribbean called rum shops. These are meeting places for locals where they have a few drinks after work.

  11. Great friends

    If you have a Caribbean friend, you would know that they make great friends and will bend over backwards for you. They are loyal and generous.

  12. Love to gossip

    Caribbean people love to gossip. They will talk about anything and everything with no filter at all. 

  13. Work Hard

    Making ends meet is hard in the Caribbean and many people here will have multiple jobs in order to make ends meet. Although they work really hard, you will find that they will still be really happy. 

  14. Island Time

    Caribbean people will do things on their own time. They call it being on island time. If you want to invite a Caribbean person for dinner at 7, invite them for 6.

  15. Naps

    Taking an afternoon break is one of the favourite things to do for Caribbean people. They call it taking 5 to refresh their bodies and mind. This is a part of the stress free island lifestyle.

  16. Use coconut for everything

    Coconuts grow wild all over the Caribbean, and the people here take full advantage of all of the properties of the Coconut. They use it as cooking oil, hair spray, creme and more. They also eat it and drink it, a lot of Caribbean food has coconut in it. This gives the food here some very unique flavours, popular among foodies.

  17. Most cannot swim

    I always thought this one was strange, most Caribbean people cannot swim. The people in the Caribbean are taught by their parents to fear the ocean and this carries through the rest of their lives into adulthood. 

  18. Pepper on everything

    Growing up in a Caribbean household, your pallet gets used to eating hot peppers on everything. Some Caribbean people goes as far as saying that if there is no spice on the food, that they cannot taste anything! 

  19. Call it like it is

    Caribbean people can be super blunt and if you are the receiving end you might find them rude. This is a good trait of Caribbean people in that the don’t beat around the bush. You will know what you are in for with these people as they will straight up tell you!

  20. Caribbean people are great in Bed!

    Caribbean people make great lovers, and are attentive to their partners. They know how to move!

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