16 Ways Adventugo Increase your Bookings Fast

16 Ways To Increase Your Bookings Fast!

Adventugo employs many strategies in order to increase the amount of bookings your company will receive to optimize short term and long term results. Our key focus is to bring large value to our clients and increased revenues at a competitive price that small business owners can afford, while still maintaining profitability. Here are some of the strategies we use to “MAKE IT HAPPEN.” The 14 ways Adventugo Increases your bookings fast:

  1. Specialists in Tour Bookings 

Adventugo specializes in tour and destination bookings. There are many advertising companies out there, we are THE company that focuses on tour bookings. In other words we test hundreds of different methods for all types of business’s to find out what works the best and spend the time and resources on those area’s. 

I like to think that we take a lot of the stress of marketing off of the business owner so that they can focus on their core business. There is so many parts to running a business and getting new customers is one of the biggest pains. Let us help you do it.

    2. Competition analisys

A lot of people say, “I don’t care what they are doing”. You should, especially the bigger competition. They go there through trial and error and hard work. We analyze what they are doing in their marketing so that we can find ways to beat them. Especially for online bookings in this day and age, you need to be in customers faces through the computer. We use our strategies to get you there and let you know what you need to do to beat your competition.

    3. Blogging

A lot of people do not know how this really works. When someone searches online about something, they type something very specific. The closest match will pop up and the articles that are optimizes (SEO) will come up in the highest positions. We write articles for you that are optimized for the internet and we shoot these articles out through social media to hundreds of thousands of potential clients. The longer these articles exist online, the more Google will have them pop up! To you that means more hits on your site.

Some people might say “Well I can do this myself…..” You can write an article anytime you want, but if you do not know exactly what Google wants to see out of it then you are wasting your time as it will not come up in a search. At Adventugo, we understand Google’s always changing algorithm and optimize articles for you so that you are always big news!

4. Google Ad Words, Paid Ads and Google Ad Sense 

When you become a client of Adventugo, you will receive Google Ad word advertising included in the Gold Package and any higher custom packages. Google ad words are the paid ads that come up first on Google. For example, if you search Florida diving- the companies that paid Google to advertise will come up at the top of the search. A lot of people try to do this themselves and are very disappointed in the results, the main reason? They do not know how to optimize and their competition does. The companies that get the most bookings have specialists (like us) optimize their advertising for maximum result, at the end of the day more business and profits is the final goal and we can help you achieve this.

Google ad sense are the invasive ads that will be on websites all over the internet as if they are following you. They are the ads that when you search for a new Fry Pan on Amazon, that same Fry pan keeps following  you on different websites until you buy it. We help to make you that Fry pan!

5. Facebook Paid Ads

Everyone knows Facebook is huge! With over a billion active users, we run Paid ads on Facebook so that the users that are interested in your product/service will find out about your business. We target people very specifically so that your advertising dollars are not wasted on people not interested in you. For example if we are working with a dive shop in Florida the ads will be specifically for people interested in Florida, then diving, then the city we are advertising so lets say Miami and within a certain age range and even within a certain sex if you know that more women then men attend your tour.

Again this is one of those things people sometime try to do themselves if they are tech savvy, but most of the time they are wasting their time & money because, they have not analyzed their competition and their ads are not precisely optimized for the situation. It takes years of trial and error to achieve the optimal results.

Over and above, our Facebook travel group has 70k followers and they are all people that love travel and are regularly engaged with our page!

    6. Organic traffic

When you are a customer of ours, we are continually writing articles about you, your location and many other things that we will associate you with. Over time you will see the growth in this as you will pop up on the internet more and more. This will bring you more buying Customers.

    7. Pinterest

Adventugo shares tons of articles, travel plans, blogs and more. We shoot those articles and pictures out to Pinterest where we get a minimum of 40k monthly views. That means more views for your company and this number is always increasing.

    8.    Instagram Paid ads

Instagram has 100 million users! We run paid ads in instagram so that you are always top of mind for your potential clients. Again they are highly targeted and optimized.

    9. Other social Media

We have a large following on many other platforms and share your information often there along with articles that include your business. Some of those platform include. Linkedin, Tumbler, Twitter, Google+ and more!

As you can see, we try to have you in front of the customers you need to be in front of in every avenue available. Overtime as new social platform come out we will include you in those as well.

10. Video Production and YOUTUBE

Adventugo will be visiting your location at some point and will create Vlogs on the City your business is in. We will send you the link and you can share this video on your website and out to your private social media.

11. A travel Application that specializes in lead generation

Our site is a free tool for our users to use to plan their trip. We include things they can do for free and only our partnered businesses such as you, would be an option for any tours they would book. They create a username and password and they are allowed this functionality for free. This allows them to have a digital or printed itinerary of everything they are doing, every day of their trip with your tour neatly tucked in the package!

12. Travel Plans that include YOU as a must do option for the Location.

Adventugo will create multiple travel plans for your destination including – Top things to do, Top things to do with kids, Top things to do on a budget etc etc. You will be included in all of this when you choose to partner with us!

Hand writing travel plan in a lined spiral notepad arranged on a map

13. Email Drip Campaigns

We do a monthly email campaign to our users, if you choose to share your email list with us, we will send an email to your list every month including updates about your company or advertise you as THE ______ company for your area.

14. Backlinks

What the heck are backlinks? Backlinks are something that Google uses to help recognize you as a relevant site to look at on the internet. Our site will link to yours and you can link to ours, thereby increasing your relevancy on Google! 

15. Your Outsourced Marketing Department

When you team up with us you are essentially outsourcing your marketing department. That means no wages payable, no management necessary, no training needed, no sick days, no drama. All of this at a nominal cost to your business. Can it get better?




16. We Guarantee a Minimum of 4X ROI

Within months of working with us you will receive a minimum of 4x your investment Guaranteed. All of our current clients have received much more than that!


Adventugo wants to work for you! Please call us with any questions, you can see our packages here.  


Temporary Promotional Price For Gold Package signups $229.99/mth  Regular Price $329.99/mth






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