11 Badass Things to Do When Your Wife Goes On A Girls Trip

11 Badass Things to Do when your wife goes on a girls trip

11 Badass Things to Do When Your Wife Goes On A Girls Trip

I am chilling at home on day 1 of my wife 5 day girls trip too Houston, thinking what type of cool shit am I going to do while she is away?

She is going to be having a good time with her friends in a sunny location going to restaurants and clubs and probably spending all of our hard earned money in the malls. So I am going to have an equally cool story for when she get back. Hell yeah!

For the most part I am usually a good boy, going to work, then the gym etc. But this week is not going to be like that, this week I am going to mix it up and live the kind of single life. I can do anything I damn well please.

11 Badass Things to Do when your wife goes on a girls trip

11 Badass Things to Do when your wife goes on a girls trip

Things to Do When Your Wife Leaves on a Girls Trip

  1. Go to a bar with your friends

Lets face it, your buddies have been on the back burner for years, they are out every weekend partying, while you are on date nights with your wife.

You are expected to be the good married man and stay home with the wife. It may all be in your head. Get up, put on your best shirt and meet up with your buddies. It is good for your relationship for you to do some of the things you like along with her doing things se likes separately.

2. Go On a boys trip

While she is away I might just mix up #1 and #2 and make it a boys weekend. I might just go on an epic boys trip.

You have wanted to do this for a long time, get your crew together and make it happen. It is going to be epic.

3. Sleep in

Is your wife an early riser? If she is it probably gives you mad anxiety to stay in bed and sleep for hours longer than her. Take this time to rest up and relax. Its like a man spa day for you.

4. Start a business

I always have these crazy business ideas in my head that I want to get started, but never have the time to. This is the perfect time. Not only will you only have yourself to be accountable to, but you will also have more time.

5. Play video games

When you are over 25 years old, your wife might bitch about you playing video games too much. Take this time to play as much as you want. Without the annoying bitching in the background.

6. Go to the strippers

Your wife might be at the chippendale show right now. If you want to, call the boys up and go to the peelers!

7. Go shopping for tools

Women hate shopping for tools, men on the other hand could spend hours in a home depot. She is obviously shopping right now, so go and buy that tool you are never going to use!

8. Catch up on violent movies and Tv Shows

Watch whatever the hell you want. My wife hates watching martial arts movies with me, this would be the perfect time to get this out of my system.

9. Grow a beard

This would be the perfect time to grow a beard to see if you like it, without any criticism.

10. Plan your dream vacation

When your wife is on a girls trip, it is the perfect time for you to plan your dream vacation. When she gets back and recognizes all of the work you have put into the planning, she is likely to go along with it.

11.  Steak night Every night

When my wife is away, I avoid cooking and usually go out to eat. You can have steak night every night. And you can mix it up with a few beers!

12. Watch Porn

Does your wife hate porn? This is your chance to watch whatever type of porn you want. I really think its important for everyone to understand themselves sexually, this is time for yourself. When she comes back you can surprise her with some new tricks!

There are a lot more things you can do while your wife is on a girls trip, including some things she prob would not like. The key is to enjoy your time by yourself, and be relaxed while you do it.

Here are some common questions men have about girls trips.

  1. Will my wife cheat on me when she goes on a girls trip?

I don’t know your wife, but I like to be confident in myself to think that my wife would not cheat on me when she goes on a girls trip.

I have read about this feeling that some men get, it is in your head and your own issue if you are thinking this way.

Now I am saying this knowing that the girls trip my wife is going on are with her best friends that are all either pregnant, married or lesbians. She is not going with a bunch of single slutty girlfriends, and that does make a difference to me. If it were the latter, I would not have been ok with her going, although I trust her.

2. Why does my wife want to go on a girls trip?

Your wife wants to go on a girls trip to feel like a normal human being. She cannot always be with you, that is unhealthy. When people have the freedom to do what they want when they want, they will also have the space to love you more.

Update: I can tell you since my wife got back we are all over each other all the time. It has made a positive impact on our relationship.

3. What is my wife going to do when she goes on a girls trip?

It depends on the person. Some will have a spa weekend and shop, while others will go to restaurants and lounges. My wife did the restaurant and lounge thing. She said the best times they had were laughing and telling each other dirty girl jokes (prob about me lol)

4. Is going on a girls trip safe for my wife?

That all depend on where she is going. I would not send my wife to Mexico or Jamaica on a girls trip because there are known issues in those countries with safety for women.

Be a small (very small) part of her planning, and make safe suggestions.

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